How To Get The Dingo in Rocket League

Let's take a look at how to get the Dingo in Rocket League and its different variations. Here is how to unlock the Dingo in Rocket League.
Dingo rocket league
How do you get your hands on the Dingo in Rocket League? | © Psyonix

Rocket League Season 3 is finally over, finally, finally, finally over. No. Let's be real: that season was over a long time ago. It has been over in our hearts since it launched, pretty much. Seriously. As I famously said: it sucked more than Tomato Soup, and we're not going to back down about that. Anyway, Season 4 is out and Season 3 ended in a bang with the Aurelia Series, and thus I am here to help you out: here's how to get the Dingo in Rocket League!

[UPDATE, October 2021]

Rocket League's Crimson Dingo Available in Item Shop

The Rocket League Crimson Dingo is currently available in the Rocket League Item Shop. This is the second time that we have seen it featured in the Rocket League Item Shop since it launched with the Auriga Series back at the end of Season 3. When it launched, the Dingo was only available as a Blueprint (keep reading for details on how to get the Rocket League Dingo), and it briefly became available in orange back in August, meaning that this is not only the second time that the vehicle has been available for direct-purchase, but also the second non-blueprint version of the Dingo.


It's time to dive into the Rocket League Dingo, and reveal exactly how to get the Dingo in Rocket League, but first! It's you should check out everything we have on the Rocket League Auriga Series. Here's all you need to know...

Please keep in mind that the bold and beautiful Dingo is only available in Rocket League as a blueprint. Not only is it a blueprint, but it is an incredibly sought-after Blueprint, because this Octane-Hitbox vehicle has some of the best handling in the game, looks freaking fantastic, and is just a whole lot of fun. Let's stop mindlessly rambling, though, and just dive straight into how to get the Dingo in Rocket League. I mean, after we have done that, we can move on with our lives, and jump back into the game itself!

How to Get the Dingo in Rocket League

  • Get the Dingo by receiving it as a blueprint after an online match.
  • Get the Dingo as a Trade-In on Rocket League Trade Ins.
  • Purchase the Rocket League Dingo when it is available in the Item Shop.

Okay, so you will either need to unlock the Dingo via the blueprints you randomly earn from playing online matches, or by specifically trading for it in Trade-Ins. You can buy it from the Item Shop, but it is rarely featured there. In fact, the Dingo has only been featured in the Rocket League Item Shop twice as of early October (2021). The important thing to note here is that this has meant that the Dingo is incredibly rare at this point. Since it dropped only recently, players have noted how well it plays, and it has become incredibly sought-after.

How Much is the Dingo Price in Rocket League?

Once you have acquired the Dingo blueprint, you can build it using 500 Rocket League Credits, if you want it unpainted, 700 painted, and 800 with Titanium White. These prices are generally confirmed by Reddit users, but we have not been able to get our hands on a Dingo blueprint to confirm those prices. Anyway, you will find out automatically if you manage to score that much-coveted Dingo blueprint. Additionally, on the rare occasion that the Rocket League Dingo is in the Item Shop, you can pick it up there... for, let's just say, a pretty penny... In the meantime, enjoy yourself some Rocket League, and don't forget to eat a pizza.

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