Rocket League Tips: How To Wave Dash

rocket league wave dash
Well, you're in a nice position, but you better keep that momentum up with a Wave Dash! (Credit: Psyonix)

The Wave Dash is an essential skill in Rocket League. You want to be the fastest player in the match? Well, then you need to master the Wave Dash and get it right every time. There are variations, and there is a lot of accuracy needed, but if you nail it, you will be a Rocket League master in no time at all! Here's our guide for how to Wave Dash in Rocket League.

To be honest with you, we already have a fabulous video for you, which details the Wave Dash process in a short-and-sharp three minutes, was written by good ol' Daniel Ribeiro, and voiced by the bold and beautiful Amidu Njiemoun. You can watch it if you are lazy and don't want to read my beautiful writing. I will never forgive you, though, so think about it...

Rocket League Tips: What is a Wave Dash?

  • The Wave Dash provides you with an insane speed boost.
  • The Wave Dash can be tripled to produce supersonic speed, the fastest speed in Rocket League.
  • The Wave Dash cancels the flip animation, but without canceling the speed.

For those of you who still don't get it, the Wave Dash basically cancels the flip. The Flip takes forever and frustrates the hell out of those of us who actually want to win. Thus, the Wave Dash is used to get that delicious speed boost, without the animation, and whilst staying on the ground...

wave dash rocket league
The Wave Dash looks like this in Rocket League. (Credit: Psyonix)

Rocket League Tips: How To Wave Dash

  • Jump, pull your nose up and let your car land on its rear wheels
  • As soon as your wheels touch the ground, push the stick forward and jump again
  • Since the car is too close to the ground, the flip is canceled, but you still get the boost.
  • You can do it sideways and backward, but the latter is useless

Look, the thing that is most important is the following: practice, you need to get the timing right. If you are doing weird-ass flips, then you are flipping too early, or too late. Find that sweet spot, and become a Rocket League legend in milliseconds.

Rocket league
Now that is one scared Pineapple... we guess he or she hasn't learned to Wave Dash yet. Should probably pop his or her head in the car first, though.(Credit: Psyonix)

Rocket League Tips: Why Should I Wave Dash?

  • You can increase your rank by being faster, and winning more matches.
  • You can be proud of yourself, it's a pretty delicious ego boost.
  • It is quicker to do stuff, you can use your momentum more, such as driving up goals, and landing on back wheels. Now, that's a nice boost!
  • Keep in the action, and do cool stunts in a more timely manner.

Well, that's about it. We hope you loved our guide, and are ready to become a Rocket League pro. We love Rocket League, we love Wave Dashing, and we hate Waving Goodbye. It's time to do the latter now, though. Thus, we bid you and all of your friends achoo...

Oops, sorry, we meant adieu...


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