Intel World Open Brings Rocket League to the Olympics

Rocket league intel world open
Rocket League is basically an Olympic Sport at this point! (Credit: International Olympic Committee / Psyonix)

Rocket League will be joining the Intel World Open, along with Street Fight V, when it returns alongside the Olympics later this year. Boasting an impressive prize-pool, the Intel World Open poses one question for fans: is Rocket League becoming an Olympic Sport?

The Intel World Open was pushed back last year, after the 2020 Summer Tokyo Olympics were postponed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. It is an Olympic-supported showcase, and will feature both a Rocket League and Street Fighter V competition, with a total prize-poll of $500,000 USD per region!

Now, that's a prize pool! $250,000 for each Rocket League region, and the same for Street Fighter V! There are four regions: that's a million bucks! Holy guacamole! If you are shocked by that, you should also check out some of our other Rocket League Esports content... and then keep reading this article. Please.

With the Rocket League Intel World Open returning alongside the Tokyo Olympics, and an insane prize pool to be had, players will begin registration in less than a fortnight. What's crazy is that the Rocket League Intel World Open's age of entry is only 15 years old, and... yeah there's a lot to unpack here!

When Does Rocket League Intel World Open Registration Start?

Anyone can sign up for the Rocket League Intel World Open, starting from May 15, and running through to May 31. Anyone aged fifteen years or above can register for Rocket League, but only over sixteens can participate in the Street Fighter V portion of the Intel World Open.

This is what's so crazy about the Rocket League Intel World Open: it is a true global competition! Anyone can register, and then a series of regional qualifiers will run down to closed qualifiers which will determine our Rocket League Olympic Athletes. That's nuts!

When Is The Rocket League Intel World Open?

The Rocket League Intel World Open regional open qualifiers run from June 1 to 13, followed by the closed qualifiers from June 21 to 27. The Regional Finals will run from July 11 to 14, and will distribute each region's prize pool to each Region's Olympic Champion!

The Intel World Open brings the best Rocket League players in the world together for an epic global competition. Players from around the world will have the chance to represent their nation and fight their way through weeks of intense Open and Closed Qualifier competition.

That was a quote from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics' website, where the Rocket League Intel World Open is featured. Rocket League is officially an Olympic Sport! That's nuts, and we are insanely excited about this!

What is the Rocket League Intel World Open Prize Pool?

Each region has a cumulated prize pool of $250,000 USD, which means a total of $1Million USD across all four regions. It's the Olympics, guys, of course the prize-pool is fabulous! How do players get their grubby little mitts on the prize money, though? Well... let's find out!

What are the Rules for the Rocket League Intel World Open?

  • All players must be over 15 years of age.
  • The tournament is team-based, and each team must be three people.
  • Every player in any one team must be from the same region/territory.
  • Cosmetics, including items and decals, are not allowed.
  • Open qualifiers are double-elimination. All matches are best of three.
  • Closed qualifiers will also be double-elimination. All matches, however, will be best of five.

Well, we apologize for the insanely long article – but can you blame us? If we could swear, we would totally swear. You can be an Olympic Athlete! Anyone can be an Olympic Athlete! This stuff is nuts, amazing, and super cool. The Rocket League Intel World Open is an amazing opportunity, and a fantastic way to bring the global Rocket League community together. Fantastic! Truly! Let's do it!

Do you want to see all of these details again, but in more detail? Check out the official 2020 Tokyo Olympics website, where you can also register!


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