Rocket League Player of the Month, October 2021: RelatingWave

Lucas "RelatingWave" Rose is an English Rocket League player, and joined Team Endpoint in 2020. He's also EarlyGame's Rocket League Player of the Month for October 2021.

Rocket league player of the month october 2021 relatingwave
RelatingWave scored the winning goal in the RLCS 2021-22 European Regional Opens' Grand Finals. | © EndPoint CeX via Twitter

RLCS 2021-22 has begun, and RelatingWave has had a bloody good time. In the RLCS 2021-22 European Open Regionals, Team Endpoint rose to the top of the scoreboard, coming out as European Champions with a whopping 301 circuit points to their name. The winning goal was scored by none other than RelatingWave himself, and we have thus crowned him EarlyGame's Rocket League Player of the Month for October 2021. Let's take the dive...

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Who is RelatingWave?

RelatingWave is a 19-year-old English Rocket League Pro who plays for Endpoint CeX. With a total winning of $46,923 USD as of writing, RelatingWave has now made Rocket League history by bringing his relatively unknown team to the forefront of Rocket League's esports conversation. Who would have expected that Team BDS, Endpoint's Grand Finals competitors, would have taken home the title, but RelatingWave's fantastic final goal denied those expectations exceedingly well.

Now, there's a lot to talk about RelatingWave, as his trajectory shoots towards fame in an admittedly impressive way. He's an incredible Rocket League player, as proven by his performance in RLCS 2021-22 so-far. Thus, we all want to know the foundation behind this excellence. In other words, of course, RelatingWave's success is based on practice and skill, but what settings does he use to achieve this?

What Are RelatingWave's Camera Settings?

Camera Settings Category

RelatingWave's Camera Settings

Camera ShakeNo


Swivel Speed5.50
Transition Speed1.20
Ball CameraToggle

What Are RelatingWave's Deadzone Settings?

Deadzone Settings CategoryRelatingWave's Deadzone Settings
Deadzone ShapeCross
Dodge Deadzone0.70
Aerial Sensitivity1.40
Steering Sensitivity1.35

What Are RelatingWave's Control Settings?

Controls CategoryRelatingWave's Keybinding
Air Roll (Left/Right)LB (B/-)
Ball CamY

Endpoint CeX is only the third official team that RelatingWave has played for over the years, with his career opening in early 2019 as a member of Wii Not Fit. In late 2019, RelatingWave then joined Discombobulators, before becoming a player for Endpoint CeX in January of 2020. This was a pretty exponential rise, and now that he is scoring Championship-winning goals for Endpoint, we can see a lot in RelatingWave's future.

Rocket League Player of the Month, October 2021: RelatingWave

RelatingWave is EarlyGame's Rocket League Player of the Month for October 2021 due to his performance in the RLCS 2021-22 EU Open Regionals. This performance resulted in Endpoint CeX's career-defining win in the championships. Honestly, if you haven't already checked out his team's YouTube and his personal Twitter channels before, you definitely should! Check out his career-defining win in the above Tweet as well. Congratulations, RelatingWave. You deserve it!