Psyonix Reddit Post Reveals New Rocket League Project & Content

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Psyonix have shared a bunch of cool new stuff coming to Rocket League... and possibly a Rocket League 2! | © Psyonix

Psyonix has released an extensive Rocket League community update on Reddit, detailing the future of Rocket League not just over the next few Seasons, but also the next few years. Psyonix not only have made a reference to Rocket League "related initiatives", but also references to what's coming in Rocket League Season 4 and 5, and possible new features coming to Rocket League - such as user-generated content.

You're not wrong: a whole lot of new stuff is coming to Rocket League in Season 4! A whole lot of new stuff is coming to Rocket League over the next few months in general, and some of it has even been confirmed by Psyonix! How cool is that? Oh, and could this Rocket League "Related Initiative" be a Rocket League 2, perhaps? We certainly hope so! Let's take a look at everything that was discussed in the community update...

The recent Reddit post from Psyonix is not the only piece of Rocket League news rocking the community right now. Let's dive into some more news!

What Was Announced for Rocket League?

  • A new Rocket League "Related Initiative"
  • New content for the Item Shop
  • User-Generated Content is being considered by Psyonix (but is not confirmed)
  • Tournament Improvements
  • Tweaks to Casual and Competitive Playlists
  • Some brand-new Limited Time Modes
  • Changes to Game-Bans
  • New stuff coming to the Esports Shop and RLCS
  • Improvements are confirmed to be coming to Voice Chat!

Here is the complete Reddit Post for you to read-through, if you'd prefer to get all of this info directly from the horse's mouth!

RL Community Update: July 2021 from RocketLeague

Is the "Related Initiative" Rocket League 2?

It is quite possible that the "Related Initiative" referred to in Psyonix' community update is Rocket League 2, however nothing has been confirmed so this is purely speculation. Whilst describing the work that is currently being done at Psyonix, they mentioned that their resources were split between new content for Rocket League, Rocket League Sideswipe, and "related initiatives" that they aren't ready to talk about yet. Time will tell what this could be. It could be Rocket League 2, it could (and this would be awesome!) a sequel to 2011's Bulletstorm, or something completely different. We'll be waiting with bated breath until they eventually make this announcement!

What is Confirmed for Rocket League Season 4?

It seems that we will get a ton of community-requested stuff, game tweaks, new LTMs, and a bunch of new items in Rocket League Season 4. Keep in mind that the specific content coming in Season 4 will be announced in early August, and thus everything here is deliberately vague. It's taken from this week's Community Update, and is the only information we have at the moment!

When is the Rocket League Season 4 Release Date?

Rocket League Season 4 is confirmed for August 11, the same day that Season 3 comes to its dramatic end. We will not only be getting the first Season 4 content, and probably the Rocket Pass, on August 11, but also all Rocket League Season 3 Rewards, which will certainly be worth checking out!

Is User-Generated Content Coming to Rocket League?

It is unconfirmed whether User-Generated content will be coming to Rocket League, with Psyonix confirming that it is being considered but they "can't promise anything". Seems quite vague. What could this user-generated content be? They also mentioned "other social-focused game features", what could that mean? So many questions, so few answers, but so much excitement!

Are they Fixing Voice Chat in Rocket League?

Yes, Psyonix has confirmed that they will be improving voice chat in Rocket League, but have also said that we will learn more about this later. They provided very few details in the Community Update about what these changes will actually be, but that's okay: they have heard us, and they are going to fix the bloody voice chat! Thank goodness for that, hey?

Anyway, take a squiz at the full Rocket League Community Update from Psyonix in the Reddit Post above. Once you are done, grab a nice cold beverage, play a few rounds of Rocket League, and don't forget to eat a pizza.

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