RLCS 11 Revealed: New Regions, Prize Pool, LAN, and Format Details

Rlcs 11 announcement
How will RLCS 11 work? We have all the details for you! | © Psyonix

The Rocket League Championship Series 11 (RLCS 11) has finally been revealed, introducing a selection of new regions, a huge new prize pool, a return to LAN competitions, and more. Let's take a look at the RLCS 11 Announcement, and everything we know about RLCS 11.

RLCS X ended a number of months ago, and concluded one of the most difficult and different season's in RLCS history. The Rocket League Championship Series took on the challenges of Covid-19 in style, shifting to an entirely-online competition, with different regions competing amongst themselves. It was still bloody fantastic, but we honestly can't wait to check out RLCS 11.

It might come as a surprise that RLCS 11 is introducing a whole new format, with a much-increased number of competing teams. We'll come clear with you: RLCS 11's announcement was a tad confusing. There was a lot revealed, and the showmanship somewhat overshadowed the actual information. Sure, it was great seeing the boys, and it was freakin' hilarious, but you're probably best reading this article if you truly want to find out everything that was revealed about RLCS 11.

Before we move on to RLCS 11's reveal, its new regions, and more, we should first say goodbye to RLCS X. Thus, here's everything you need to know about the end of RLCS X...

All RLCS 11 Details

What Regions Are Coming to RLCS 11?

  • Asia-Pacific (APAC) North
  • Asia-Pacific (APAC) South
  • Middle East & North Africa (MENA)

After ten seasons of the Rocket League Championship Series, Middle Eastern and Asian countries are finally getting their own regions, and will be able to compete in RLCS 11. Keep in mind that Sub-Saharan countries will be able to compete in Regional Split Events, but are still not able to compete in the majors. Perhaps we will see this change in RLCS 12?

What is the RLCS 11 Format?

RLCS 11 will be divided into a Fall, Winter, and Spring Split, which will then lead into the final Championships. Each regional event begins with an Open Qualifier on smash.gg, after which all teams must play in the Open Qualifier. Here are the full details, taken from the RLCS Website:

  • Each Split has three Regional Events and is capped with a Major
  • Every Regional and every Major in each Split will have 16 teams
  • Each Split features a different format
  • Teams earn points at each event, with Majors being heavily weighted over Regional Events
  • Points from Regional Events and Majors are used to qualify to the Rocket League World Championship
  • Teams are allowed to make two roster moves in total throughout the season, with a max of one per trade window, without forfeiting their points

Remember that Sign Ups will open soon, so if you think that you have what it takes, you should get engaged and sign-the-hell-up! Oh, and RLCS: The Grid won't be returning in RLCS 11. It's a shame, but in its place will be team broadcasts on the first day of every Regional in Europe and North America.

How Does the RLCS 11 Wildcard & Main Event Work?

The RLCS 11 World Championships will take place in two parts: the Wildcard event and the Main Event. The Wild Card Event features a Swiss bracket, and will push through eight teams to the Main Event. The latter will then determine who becomes the RLCS 11 World Champion. Here's how it works, yet again taken from the RLCS Website:

  • Eight teams will auto-qualify to the Main Event
  • The Main Event will feature four double-elimination groups that feed into a high-stakes, single-elimination bracket.
  • 16 teams will qualify for the World Championship Wildcard
    • North America: Three seeds
    • Europe: Three seeds
    • Middle East & North Africa: Two seeds
    • Oceania (OCE): Two seeds
    • South America: Two seeds
    • Sub-Saharan Africa: Two seeds
    • Asia-Pacific North: One seed
    • Asia-Pacific South: One seed
  • The top eight teams from the World Championship Wildcard will qualify for the World Championship Main Event
  • The World Championship Wildcard will feature a Swiss format

When is the RLCS 11 Wildcard and Main Event?

The RLCS 11 Wildcard will run from July 22 to 24, 2022, and the Main Event will run from July 26 to 31. That's right, we will have one RLCS Season running all the way from October 2021 to July 2022. We absolutely can't wait, and can't believe how close it is. Sure, it has been a long wait, and RLCS 11 has been pushed back a number of times. What we can certainly say, though, is that RLCS 11 looks like it will certainly be worth the wait.

Rlcs 11 format details
Here is a flowchart of the RLCS 11 Format. Click on it to be taken to the original announcement! | © Psyonix / Rocket League Esports / RLCS

Will RLCS 11 Bring Back LAN?

In-Person LAN events are returning for RLCS 11, and will begin with the Fall Major in Stockholm. It will, however, be a players-only event, with Covid-19 limiting the RLCS's ability to have a crowd. Look, they have pointed out that this could-well change, but it is – of course – necessary to ensure the safety of players, staff, and all of us RLCS fans. Sure, we'd love to run-on-over and enjoy a fabulous live show, but for now, we'll just have to wait.

What is the RLCS 11 Season Schedule?

RLCS 11 Fall Split

  • NA, MENA, OCE, APAC S Regional #1: October 15 - 17
  • EU, SAM, APAC N Regional #1: October 22 - 24
  • NA, MENA, OCE, APAC S Regional #2: October 29 - 31
  • EU, SAM, APAC N Regional #2: November 5 - 7
  • NA, MENA, OCE, APAC S Regional #3: November 12 - 14
  • EU, SAM, APAC N Regional #3: November 19 - 21
  • Major: December 8 - 12
  • Transfer Window: December 13, 2021 - January 2, 2022

RLCS 11 Winter Split

  • NA, MENA, OCE, APAC S Regional #1: January 14 - 16
  • EU, SAM, APAC N Regional #1: January 21 - 23
  • NA, MENA, OCE, APAC S Regional #2: January 28 - 30
  • EU, SAM, APAC N Regional #2: February 4 - 6
  • NA, MENA, OCE, APAC S Regional #3: February 18 - 20
  • EU, SAM, APAC N Regional #3: February 25 - 27
  • Major: March 24 - 27
  • Transfer Window: March 28 - April 17

RLCS 11 Spring Split

  • NA, MENA, OCE, APAC S Regional #1: April 29 - May 1
  • EU, SAM, APAC N Regional #1: May 6 - 8
  • NA, MENA, OCE, APAC S Regional #2: May 13 - 15
  • EU, SAM, APAC N Regional #2: May 20 - 22
  • NA, MENA, OCE, APAC S Regional #3: May 27 - 29
  • EU, SAM, APAC N Regional #3: June 3 - 5
  • Major: June 30 - July 3

RLCS 11 World Championship

  • Wildcard: July 22 - 24
  • Main Event: July 26 - 31

What is the RLCS 11 Prize Pool?

RLCS 11 features an incredible $6,000,000 USD prize pool, the biggest in RLCS history. This is an astounding achievement, for RLCS to be able to grow and prosper for the last ten seasons to the point where six million dollars can be offered as a prize pool. Honestly, we're hyped and excited for what's to come, because if they are having this much success? Well, then we've got to be in for a wild ride into the future...

When is the RLCS 11 Start Date?

RLCS 11 will will begin on October 15, starting with Fall Regional 1 broadcasts that will conclude on October 17. As you can see in the RLCS 11 Season Schedule above, the Fall Regional 1 will be for NA, MENA, OCE, and APAC S. Additionally, the EU, SAM, and APAC N will play their first regional tournament from October 22 until October 24.

Please keep in mind that the information above is a condensed interpretation of Rocket League Esport's full press release. If you want the same information in more detail, check out their press release and website.

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