RLCS X Championships Preview: When, How to Watch & Champions

Rlcs x championships preview
Well, it's almost time for the RLCS X Championships. What's in store for us? (Credit: Psyonix / RLCS)

The RLCS X Championships are about to kick off, and we're here with all the information that you need to get started. We take a look at the RLCS X Champions that will compete in the Championships, when the games will be held, and where you can watch the RLCS X Championships. Let's quit yapping, and jump right into our RLCS X Championships Preview.

The RLCS X Spring Split Majors are now said and done, with Champions from each region moving forward onto the RLCS X Championships later in June. Players from North America, South America, Oceania and Europe are all coming together to celebrate one big RLCS X Championship – but with a twist.

We have already explained how this year's RLCS Championship is different to the previous few years. Check out our original article on this, as well as our RLCS X new, results, and rankings tracker...

Who Will Compete in the RLCS X Championships?

In RLCS X, regional teams will compete to become the champions for each respective region – there is no world champion this time around. Covid-19 means that there will be no true 'world champion' and instead, the prize money will be split between three separate regions, all of which must compete separately for the status of regional champions.

What is the RLCS X Championships Prize Pool?

Total RLCS X Championship Prize Pool:

$1,000,000 USD

RLCS X Championships: Europe

$400,000 USD
RLCS X Championships: North America$400,000 USD
RLCS X Championships: Oceania$100,000 USD
RLCS X Championships: South America$100,000 USD

What is the RLCS X Championships Schedule?

  • Tuesday, June 15:
    • Europe, Round 1 – 8AM PT (3PM UTC)
    • Europe Quarterfinal #1 – 10AM PT (5PM UTC)
    • North America, Round 1 – 1PM PT (8PM UTC)
    • North America, Quarterfinal #1 – 3PM PT (10PM UTC)
  • Wednesday, June 16:
    • Europe Quarterfinal #2 – 8AM PT (3PM UTC)
    • North America, Quarterfinal #2 – 10AM PT (5PM UTC)
  • Thursday, June 17:
    • Europe Semifinal #1 – 8AM PT (3PM UTC)
    • North America Semifinal #1 – 11AM. PT (6PM UTC)
  • Friday, June 18:
    • Europe Semifinal #2 – 8AM PT (6PM UTC)
    • North America Semifinal #2 – 11AM PT (6PM UTC)
  • Saturday, June 19:
    • South America Grand Finals – 2PM PT (9PM UTC)
    • Oceania Grand Finals – 6PM PT (1AM UTC)
  • Sunday, June 20:
    • Europe Grand Finals – 8AM PT (3PM UTC)
    • North America Grand Finals – 11:30AM PT (6:30PM UTC)

Where To Watch the RLCS X Championships

You can watch the RLCS X Championships on Rocket League's official Twitch and YouTube channels throughout the week. In addition, EarlyGame will have live coverage on our website, through a live update article which will be updated as the matches progress – perfect for those of you who are a little too busy to watch the entire RLCS X Championships! We will include highlights, scores, and more, and will update this article with a link to our update article as soon as it is live.


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