RLCS X Competitive Rulings: Retals Disqualified & SpaceStation Gaming Awarded

Rlcs x retals disqualified spacestation gaming
Has Retals been disqualified from the RLCS X? What on Earth did he do? (Credit: SpaceStation Gaming)

Rocket League Esports have issued two separate Competitive Rulings for Slater "Retals" Thomas, regarding issues that have arisen over recent RLCS X North American Regionals. Retals has been disqualified, and SpaceStation Gaming has been granted additional points. Why? Let's take a look...

There have been some pretty high-profile games recently, with famous Rocket League Esports teams battling it out for the RLCS X Championships. Some crazy good plays, some fabulous moments, and some impressive shots into stardom. We have been tracking everything closely, so for all the latest updates, here's the best article on the internet:

Has Retals Been Disqualified from the RLCS X? Why?

Retals has been disqualified from competing in the first day of the NA Spring Split Regional Major, due to violation of the RLCS Code of Conduct. In the competitive ruling issued by Rocket League Esports, it was ruled that Retals has repeatedly violated the code of conduct, specifically relevant rules regarding "berating and harassing tournament administrators".

We take player behavior extremely seriously. This type of behavior is completely unacceptable and will not be taken lightly. Any additional infractions will result in increasing penalties, and we reserve the right to administer any additional discipline at our sole discretion.

Holy cow with a basketball head, what on earth could Retals have done to warrant this action? There's speculation online – of course – but we're not in the business of spreading conspiracy theories. It's certainly curious, though! If you want to read the full Competitive Ruling, check out the Reddit Post below.

Competitive Ruling - Retals from RocketLeague

Why Is SpaceStation Gaming Getting More Points?

It has been ruled that Caden "Sypical" Pellegrin experienced a controller disconnect, and thus lost control of his car during overtime. Due to this issue resulting in SpaceStation Gaming's match being effected, they have been awarded an additional 70 points, which is equivalent of Second Place points.

We're always striving to improve league processes and how we administrate tournaments. We will be working with players, coaches, and teams to implement a more structured player/team dispute protocol in order to prevent situations like this in the future.

In summary, it was determined that Sypical had a controller disconnect, which caused him to lose control of his car. Due to this, he minimized the game client, which led to the administrative staff ruling that he was simply experiencing high ping. The call was incorrect, and has now been rescinded, replaced by the below Competitive Ruling from Rocket League Esports.

Competitive Ruling - Spacestation Gaming from RocketLeague

Well, there you have it. Two RLCS X Competitive Rulings, one negative, one positive, both relating somewhat to SpaceStation Gaming. The team must be happy to pick up those extra points, and not be disadvantaged too much by the unfortunate disconnect. On the other hand, what on earth did Retals do? Goly-gosh!


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