Rocket League 2D Fangame is on Unblocked Games WTF & Matharoo

Rocket League 2D Fangame is a browser-game sensation, and has now migrated from Matharoo over to Unblocked Games WTF.
Rocket league 2d fan game octane
If you haven't already, you should check out Rocket League 2D Fangame on Unblocked Games WTF or Matharoo! | © Pinterest / Psyonix

Rocket League 2D Fangame pits two players together, and throws them into the classic Rocket League formula, just in 2D. Why is it good? Well, it's free, and it has no ridiculous microtransactions. Let's take a look...

The Rocket League 2D Fangame is one hell of an experience, and fans agree. It's free, it's available on Matharoo and Unblocked Games WTF, and we have already rambled about what makes it such perfection. Let's really think about this: what makes Rocket League special? The gameplay, the concept, the feeling of the game, the community. Microtransactions? No, they just makes things worse.

How Can I Play Rocket League 2D Fangame?

You can play Rocket League 2D Fangame on both Unblocked Games WTF and Matharoo. On the latter, you can also download the game to your computer, so that you don't have to play it on a browser. Below are two links, one to Unblocked Games WTF, and one to Matharoo. Enjoy!

Why Are People Talking about Rocket League 2D Fangame?

The Rocket League 2D Fangame is a lot of fun, and completely free with no hidden costs. We can't say the same for base Rocket League, or even Rocket League Sideswipe for that matter. Both have microtransactions, and the former has released a lot of new purchasable content in the recent months.

That's okay, but what is better? Playing a game with some friends, maybe at school, and just chilling. No "purchase this Rocket League item" incentives, just pure skill. That same skill can be helpful to anyone who wants to become a Rocket League master. Or just have fun.

Yeah, let's stop it with the "let's become a pro" talk. Let's also stop it with the microtransactions. Rocket League 2D Fangame on Unblocked Games WTF and Matharoo is just fun. That's all it needs to be. That's all it tries to be. We respect that.