Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 9: What In God's Name is This?

Rocket league best and worst plays vol 9
What the hell is this? I am so confused. Just confuzzled. This is nuts... (Credit: Psyonix / PikPng)

Volume 9 of our weekly Rocket League Best and Worst Series is here! As usual, we are here to bring you three great pieces of Rocket League content, each week with a different theme. This week we are getting insanely weird! We have tracked down the most bizarre and stuffed up Rocket League videos on the internet. Some of these are bloody insane, and we are very excited to present them to you – we just wish that we could see the shocked expressions on all of your faces! Anyway, here is Volume 9 of EarlyGame's Rocket League Best and Worst Series!

User warning: Well, not really a warning, but things are about to get... spicy... sorry, no, weird. Not spicy. Well... one of them is spicy. Anyway, you are in for a treat! In this episode – Volume 9 of EarlyGame's Rocket League Best and Worst Series – we have something extra special for you. The weirdest bollocks that you can find on the internet. Or, at least, some of the weirdest bollocks that you can find on the internet. Seriously. This is going to get crazy. Let's just get on with it, then, shall we?

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Well then, it's time, are you ready? Here is Volume 9 of EarlyGame's Rocket League Best & Worst Series...

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 9: The One with the Weird Lady

I simply can't believe that I found this. It's honestly the most amazing Rocket League video on the internet. An absolute gold-mine of laughs. Look through their entire channel. WTF is this? I am as confused as a grandma who has never sent an email before. What is this? Why does it exist? Why does that random lady pop up and offer irrelevant life advice at odd intervals... What makes this even better is that I actually found this whilst researching for another article about why players seem to think that Rocket League is shutting down. The problem? Well, this is the most hilarious piece of Rocket League content I have ever seen... why even read the rest of this Rocket League best and worst episode?

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 9: The One with the Spice

Delicious. Just delicious. Okay, that's a bit weird. Well, it was the first sentence of video two from last week's Rocket League Best and Worst episodevolume 8, check it out – and I thought that it would be funny to keep it. I hope that you giggled. Anyway, going off what I was saying in The One with the Weird Lady, I found this bizarre trend whilst researching another article. I am not joking: Rocket League Rule 34 was trending on Google – like seriously trending. People like Rocket League porn, what can I say? Well, I wanted to find out why people were googling this, so I did a bit of research... and produced an article out of it. Oh, and I found this clip. It's weird... and bizarre... and I am confused. Are people really into this?

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 9: The One with the "Are We There Yet?"

I found this bad-boy whilst researching the very first episode of Rocket League Best & Worst! How crazy is that? Almost ten weeks ago (and you know what that means, right? Next week will be a VERY special episode!). This is a meme video, of course, but it is a super freaking weird one. The thing is: all meme videos are weird. That says a lot about this one. It is a weird... weird video. It's pretty great, but I can also assure you: The One with the Weird Lady will still trump all. Go watch that clip (after you have watched this one, of course), and explore that YouTube channel. Weird stuff. Weird stuff indeed. I am still so confused...

If we were allowed to swear, we would be saying the obvious, so let's give it a bit of a spin: What the buzzcocks? What are these? Especially the first one – honestly, the best YouTube channel ever. Why was the lady talking like that? Why does she always say the same thing? Why is that channel so full of weird questions? We have so many questions, basically no answers, but we can say this: we thoroughly enjoyed this week's episode of Rocket League Best & Worst!

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