Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 4: Trying Not To Laugh

Rocket league best and worst plays vol 4
Are you read to laugh? We're ready to laugh! (Credit: AVA 360 Gaming / Psyonix)

Well, it's time for Volume 4 of our Weekly Rocket League Best & Worst Series. In this series, we bring you three great pieces of Rocket League content. Well, by great, we mean of merit in some way, or another. It might not be high quality Rocket League content, but it will be something interesting. Well, are you ready to laugh your socks off? Well, for Volume 4, we have a "Try Not To Laugh" episode for you, as we show you three of the funniest Rocket League clips on the internet! Let's dive into Volume 4 of EarlyGame's Rocket League Best & Worst series!

Last week we had "The good, the bad, the ugly" but with a twist: every piece of shared content had less than 50 views on YouTube. This time? Well, this time it has nothing to do with clicks, it has nothing to do with views, but it does have a lot to do with LOL's. Well, if you're ready to laugh out loud, you're in luck, because this week, we're here to make you laugh your ass off whilst watching Rocket League. Sound fun? Well, it was a lot of fun to put together, so let's check it out...

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Well then, it's time, are you ready? Here is Volume 4 of EarlyGame's Rocket League Best & Worst Series...

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 4: The Hilarious

This guy is going to lose his house, but all he cares about is Rocket League. We relate, and we applaud him for his commitment. We also love his outfit, that is one fabulous suit. He should probably listen to his girlfriend, but he should also keep playing Rocket League. Who cares about the house right? If you are wearing a Sonic Suit and playing Rocket League then your life is set. Unless he loses the house and can't play Rocket League anymore... yeah, dude... maybe it's time to get a job? Either way, that's one funny Rocket League video!

P.S... we know that this was a joke video, don't crucify us in the comments!

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 4: The More Hilarious

Okay, if someone can explain this to us, we would appreciate it. Something about a watermelon? Something about music? Huh? Well, it's random, it's fabulous, it's delicious, it's funny, and it's making us utterly and irreversibly confused. It's important to us that we make this clear: we don't bloody know what this is. It's making us laugh though, and that's the point of this episode. It's also Rocket League, so it's perfect. Enjoy being number two on this list, buddy, enjoy!

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 4: The Even More Hilarious

Okay, this is a short, sweet, classic, and deliciously salty meme. The dancing cat. Put your hands in the air, jump up and down, pretend that Covid-19 is over, and you are partying Rocket League style. It makes you giggle, it makes you smile, it makes you happy, and we know why. Cats are great. Rocket League is amazing. Funny Rocket League videos are fantastic, and it's time to check out the funniest, cutest, and one of the biggest memes on the internet - the dancing cat. This is one fabulously funny Rocket League video to finish off Volume 4!

Is your belly hurting? Ours is, so is our chest. We have been laughing a lot. And a little confused, if we're honest with you. This episode has been a bit of a weird one to put together, but that is not a bad thing. Dancing cats, weird mashups, and a fabulous goal, these are some of the funniest Rocket League videos on the internet. This has been Volume 4 of EarlyGame's Rocket League Best and Worst series, and we'll see you next week...


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