Rocket League Esports Team Ghost Gaming Welcome RollDizz and Shock

Rocket league esports roll dizz and shock
Well, this is getting a tad exciting. RLCS 11, anybody? | © Liquipedia

Ghost Gaming, an Atlanta-based Esports organization, have signed both RollDizz and Shock to their Rocket League roster. The two successful Rocket League Esports players will join the Ghost Gaming roster ahead of RLCS 11. Let's take a look at RollDizz and Shock's Ghost Gaming signing...

Raul "RollDizz" Diaz and Nathan "Shock" Frommelt will join Ghost Gaming alongside Hunter "LionBlaze" Woitas, manager Matt "paco" Allaire, and most importantly, coach Jaryd "Fakey" Weber. It's an impressive line-up, but does beg one question: does the Manager really need a nickname?

The signing comes the same day that Ghost Gaming bid farewell to Martin "Freshness" Totev and Jack "mectos" Privitera. The duo were picked up by the Kansas City Pioneers later the same day, but the whole thing does bring into question the reasons behind these various roster changes.

Newly signed Ghost Gaming competitors RollDizz and Shock have been signed briefly before the scheduled start of RLCS 11 on September 15. The start date has been delayed until September 15 for what seem to be Covid-19 related reasons.

Ghost Gaming tweeted that "We've kept you waiting long enough", before going onto exclaim that they were "Excited to welcome our roster heading into #RLCSXI!".

The roster change could perhaps be explained by Ghost Gaming's poor performance in RLCS 11, where they finished at 12th place in the North American competition.

A placement of twelve in the North American Leaderboards puts Ghost Gaming at 22nd in the international RLCS X. That's only 1230 points, and a significantly disappointing result for all those involved.

Before RLCS 11 and RollDizz and Shock's signing to Ghost Gaming, the team hadn't done well since RLCS Season 9, where they took home $40,000 USD after finishing in the Top 4. What has become clear is that Ghost Gaming were more than due for a roster shakeup.

Ghost Gaming have historically been a pretty solid team, with a very iconic black and white style. The team even have their own in-game decal! With RollDizz and Shock joining Ghost Gaming, the sky is the limit.

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