Rocket League Items: Spatial Rift Goal Explosions

Rocket league spatial rift
Let's take a look at the Spatial Rift Goal Explosion! Exciting! (Credit: Psyonix)

The Rocket League Spatial Rift is unbelievably cool, and we're here to show you why. Goal Explosions are a massive part of Rocket League, and some of the best Rocket League Items that you can pick up in the game. We take a look at the Rocket League Spatial Rift, and why you should be checking it out, right here.

What is Rocket League Spatial Rift? Why is it so gorgeous? How much does it cost? Why are we so in love with this goal explosion? Why are you reading this article? Probably because you love Rocket League. Well, if you love Rocket League, then you should check out the Rocket League Spatial Rift!

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What is the Rocket League Spatial Rift?

The Rocket League Spatial Rift is a goal explosion that produces what looks like a paint splatter over the goal, followed by a vortex or "rift" that sucks it all up! We are pretty obsessed with this, because there are so many amazing color schemes available, and it just generally looks super cool. Seriously. Check out a bunch of them in this video...

What Rocket League Spatial Rift Colors are there?

  • Sky Blue
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Saffron
  • Orange
  • Grey
  • Forest Green
  • Pink
  • Crimson
  • Purple
  • Lime
  • Black
  • Cobalt
  • Titanium White

What is the Rocket League Spatial Rift Price?

The Rocket League Spatial Rift generally costs between 400 and 550 Rocket League Credits. This obviously depends on the color you choose, with the most expensive being the Titanium White Spatial Rift, which can go for more than 600 credits. Generally, Rocket League Spatial Rift's cost about 500 Rocket League Credits. It's not too much for the fabulousness of what you will witness, though, so you should definitely invest in this Goal Explosion!


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