Rocket League NASCAR, F1 & Lambo Have One Thing in Common: Season 3 is Terrible

Rocket league nascar
Rocket League Season 3 has been a farce, and with the NASCAR announcement it has become even worse. (Credit: Activision)

Rocket League Season 3 just saw the official announcement of the highly anticipated NASCAR crossover. The Rocket League NASCAR 2021 Fan Pack has many heads shaking, so we dive in, take a look at the details, and answer one question: why is the new Rocket League Season, and the NASCAR crossover such a disappointment?

It has been a while since I was this down on Rocket League, but the recent NASCAR Rocket League announcement has pushed me over the edge. It's not unusual for Rocket League to introduce new content packs to the Item Store, but considering the last few weeks of Season 3, and the several "limited time" bundles that Psyonix has introduced, my blood can't help but boil.

In regard to the specifics of this farcical NASCAR announcement, here's our detailed coverage. This one's going to be a bit of a rant, folks, so if you just want the hard facts, then you should read one of these bad-boys!

Every time I think about Rocket League Season 3, I feel a bit irritated. That's a bit of a problem, considering that I'm EarlyGame's Rocket League "dude". I just can't help it, I mean: if you get punched in the nuts, you ain't going to be very happy, right? That's right, Rocket League Season 3 is a punch in the nuts. I'm going to stand by that statement.

Seriously, with Psyonix and Epic Games tying the knot last year, the many concerns we all had raised my eyebrows. It all seemed to be going okay, though, with Season 1 and 2 delivering reasonable content. Season 3, though, doesn't just raise my eyebrows, but exaggerates the creases in my forehead. It's that bad. All you need to do is listen to me ramble in this video... and that was before the Rocket League NASCAR announcement!

I like joking around, I like making a fool of myself. Comparing Rocket League to Tomato Soup seemed like a funny analogy at the time, but now it seems like a bit of an insult to Tomato Soup. At least Tomato Soup is warm and refreshing, this crap is just bitter and sad.

But enough complaining about Season 3, I should probably justify my complaints...

What is Wrong With The Rocket League NASCAR Crossover?

The Rocket League NASCAR Crossover is a limited-time purchasable bundle that adds very little to Rocket League itself. Is there a problem with this? Well, yes, but the main problem is this: it's a trend. The Lamborghini Event was limited time, this one is limited time. If it's limited time, then it's not really Season 3 content, is it? It's just a new pack, that you have to pay for separately from the Rocket Pass.

The Tyranno is the only real "Rocket League Season 3" vehicle. It is cool, yeah, but it is the only one. There are some new items, some decals, but what else? Not really much. The new map was just bizarre and lazy. What else is there?

We expected a bit more from Rocket League Season 3, at least. Other than what dropped with the Season 3 release, everything else is hidden behind an additional paywall. That includes what was announced for the Rocket League NASCAR crossover. We get why, Rocket League is now free to play, so it is natural that this kind of thing is going to happen more regularly. It needs to happen without taking away from the inherent quality of Rocket League Seasons, though.

Psyonix should also shift away from this "limited time content" thing. It's a problem, it yet again takes away from Rocket League Season 3. I feel no need to pick up the new NASCAR 2021 Fan Pack, and as a massive Rocket League fan, that's a problem. I want to be drawn into Rocket League, and be motivated to keep playing.

With Rocket League Season 3, and its associated NASCAR, F1 and Lamborghini content being such a farce, its ability to maintain my interest has decreased. I love Rocket League, I love Psyonix, hell I love Epic Games... but this? I repeat what I said in the video... what the hell is Rocket League Season 3?

Well, it's a disappointment, that's what it is...


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