Rocket League Player of the Month, May 2021: SquishyMuffinz

Rocket league squishymuffinz player of the month
Squishymuffins is EarlyGame's Rocket League Player of the Month for May, 2021! (Credit: SquishyMuffinz via Cloud9)

Mariano "SquishyMuffinz" Arruda is EarlyGame's Rocket League Player of the Month for May of 2021, after his performance in the RLCS X over the last few weeks. The North American RLCS X Majors have just passed, and SquishyMuffinz's performance was one to behold. We take a look at SquishyMuffinz, who he is, and why he is EarlyGame's Rocket League Player of the Month.

Every month we take a look at one player who has performed exceptionally over the last few weeks. This is our first time doing EarlyGame's Rocket League Player of the Month, so this time we had to choose someone especially special. Thus, we are here to present you EarlyGame's Player of the Month for May 2021: Mariano "Squishy Muffinz" Arruda.

Before you dive in, here is some of the latest Rocket League News that you should catch up on...

Who is SquishyMuffinz?

Mariano "SquishyMuffinz" Arruda is a professional Rocket League Player who plays for popular Rocket League Esports team, NRG Esports. An active Rocket League Esports player since 2017, Squishy initially played for Muffin Men, before moving on to Cloud9 and NRG Esports. The thing is, his Rocket League journey started much earlier than that...

When Rocket League became a phenomenon in 2015, Arruda was instantly drawn to the game, as it combined two of his greatest passions in life: football and gaming. With this combination in mind, Rocket League became first and foremost at the front of Squishy's mind. So, what did he do? Well, he made a YouTube account of course! Oh, and it boomed...

Seriously, Squishy amassed masses of followers in no time at all, and began to prove himself as an insanely skilled and talented Rocket League player. It was not long until he entered Rocket League Esports, where he played in a few teams before striking gold with the Muffin Men. After some insanely impressive wins, the Muffin Men were then signed by Cloud9, and Squishy's career exploded.

After performing as one of Cloud9's best players, the team became Rocket League World Champions... but that was not where Squishy's career ended... This has been an insanely condensed version of the SquishyMuffinz story. If you are interested, check out the documentary below to hear the details...

Why is SquishyMuffinz EarlyGame's Player of the Month for May, 2021?

SquishyMuffinz is EarlyGame's Player of the Month due to his extraordinary scoring during the North American RLCS X Spring Majors! His scoring was magnificent, and a critical part of NRG Esports road to victory last weekend. A true high point in Squishy's career, check out a couple of great plays below – courtesy of Rocket League Esports' Twitter Channel...

The extraordinary part of this victory is two-fold: NRG survived a massive 10-minute overtime, and have thus won back-to-back North American RLCS X Majors. That is simply crazy. SquishyMuffinz is, of course, part of a team, with some other insanely talented players beside him, but this is a "Player" of the month, not a Team. Considering his performance over the RLCS X NA Majors, he has certainly earned this prestigious title. Well done, SquishyMuffinz!


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