Rocket League Ranks: Granny Shifter & Rocket Pass Season 3

Rocket league granny shifter
What is the Granny Shifter? How do you get it in Rocket League? Why the stupid name? (Credit: Psyonix)

There are many Rocket League Ranks, and at certain tiers of the rankings come player titles. The Granny Shifter is a Rocket League player title that is unlocked through the Season 3 Rocket Pass. We take a look at the Rocket League Season 3 Rocket Pass, the Granny Shifter, and more...

Rocket League Season 3 is here, and we're all feeling a little down and out. That being said, a new Season means a new Rocket Pass, and we're all over that! In the Season 3 Rocket Pass, we have a new Rocket League Rank: the Granny Shifter! What on earth is this? Bizarre...

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What Are The Rocket League Season 3 Rocket Pass Player Titles?

  • Tire Changer (Unlocked at Rocket League Rank 2)
  • Hairpin Hero (Unlocked at Rocket League Rank 8)
  • Victory Lapper (Unlocked at Rocket League Rank 18)
  • Granny Shifter (Unlocked at Rocket League Rank 28)
  • Slipstreamer (Unlocked at Rocket League Rank 30)
  • Downforcer (Unlocked at Rocket League Rank 40)
  • Crew Chief (Unlocked at Rocket League Rank 49)
  • Powertrainer (Unlocked at Rocket League Rank 53)
  • Apex Predator (Unlocked at Rocket League Rank 57)

Well, those are a couple of curious Player Titles... Well, the Granny Shifter is funny. The others? Not so much. Keep playing Rocket League, and you will rank up. As you rank up? You get new Player Titles. Build up that Rocket Pass, people. It's certainly worth it!

What Rocket Pass Rank is the Granny Shifter Player Title?

The Granny Shifter is a Player Title unlocked at Rank 28 of the Rocket League Season 3 Rocket Pass. It thus includes all the rewards included in previous tiers of the Rocket Pass, including the Dominus: Tropaion that is also unlocked at Rank 28. Does that excite you? It excites us! Sort of... Rocket League Season 3 is not that great, and we are not sure why this is called the Granny Shifter. Well, we suppose if it keeps us playing, it's worthwhile!


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