Rocket League Season 3: Trailer, Release Date & Rocket Pass

Rocket league season 3 f1 nascar
The Rocket League Season 3 trailer could not have been more hype! (Credit: Psyonix)

Rocket League Season 3 has received its first trailer, and with it, a release date. Rocket League Season 3 will feature a bunch of great new content, a new theme, and promises the most high-octane experience in Rocket League history. What's the deal? Well, here's everything that has been revealed about Rocket League Season 3.

The Rocket League Season 3 trailer premiered at Fortnite's Llama Rama event, after an in-game show from popular hip-hop artist Kaskade. It was hype, revealed a lot, and got us insanely excited for the future of Rocket League. Check it out!

From the opening of the Rocket League Season 3 trailer, you would expect that we were having a racing game advertised to us. If it wasn't for the Rocket League logo on the side of that F1 car, it would have almost certainly been a slam-dunk assumption to make.

Luckily, that slam-dunk assumption was never to come, as the Rocket League Season 3 Trailer revealed some pretty slick racing cars battling it out in the Rocket League arena, craving that ball... Season 3 looks like it will have a racing theme, and considering the look of these new cars, that's by no means a bad thing!

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Rocket League Season 3 Contents & Rocket Pass

In Rocket League Season 3, the theme is motorsports. Coming with this is a collaboration with NASCAR and Formula One Racing, but these vehicles won't be coming until May. So what will be here on Day 1, I hear you ask? Well, the answer to that question is coming!

Making you wait, aren't we? Well, don't you worry - here's the answer: Rocket League Season 3's Rocket Pass and a new Rocket Themed Map will come on launch day. Not a huge amount is yet known about the details of everything that's coming, but we are sure that the nitty-gritty details will be revealed pretty bloody soon. We can confirm a new map, some new cars, and a new Rocket Pass, though. So even if there's nothing else, that's pretty solid if you ask us!

What is the Rocket League Season 3 Release Date?

Rocket League Season 3 will be dropping on April 7, with the NASCAR and F1 collaboration coming in May. The latter does not have a confirmed release date, as of writing, but we will update this article as soon as we find out. Either way, we will be getting some sweet new Rocket League content on April 7, so we are pretty hyped. You should be too!


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