Rocket League Season 4 Revealed: Outlaw, Deadeye Canyon & Details

Rocket league season 4
This Octane is decked out with just a few of the fantastic new items available in Rocket League Season 4's Rocket Pass. | © Psyonix

Rocket League Season 4 is all ready to saddle up and charge on out of the stables, after its new theme, car, and arena were revealed by Psyonix. Here are all the Rocket League Season 4 details, including the Season 4 Outlaw Vehicle, Deadeye Canyon Arena, Rocket Pass, and more. Let's dive into Rocket League Season 4...

It looks like Psyonix are taking Rocket League to the Wild West with Season 4, with a new Deadeye Canyon Arena, and a new Outlaw which - from the small glimpse we got - looks pretty damn cool. Rocket League is going almost Mad Max with Season 4, and we're lovin' it! Thus, we implore you to saddle up, wrangle your posse, and hit the dust with these Rocket League Season 4 details...

Rocket League Season 4 is nearly here, and it's going to be one hell of a good time! Before you get your dusty gears grinding in Deadeye Canyon, check out some of our most recent Season 4 content...

All Rocket League Season 4 Details

What is in the Rocket League Season 4 Rocket Pass?

  • New Outlaw Car
  • No-Name Topper
  • Tanker Wheels
  • Amikoo Decal
  • Lava Boost
  • 70+ Tiers of loot
  • Rocket Pass Premium receive an XP boost and additional Weekly and Seasonal Challenges

The New Rocket League Season 4 Arena: Deadeye Canyon

Rocket League Season 4 will be launching with a brand new Arena called Deadeye Canyon, and it looks incredible! Dubbed "your new home on the range", Deadeye Canyon is bringing the Wild West, the Desert, and perhaps a little Mad Max, to Rocket League. Honestly, from the sneak peek we've been given, it looks insanely cool. Here it is:

2v2 Tournaments in Rocket League Season 4

As we already know, 2v2 Tournaments are coming to Rocket League in Season 4. This will not replace 3v3 Tournaments, but instead, expand upon the available Tournaments in Rocket League in a really neat way. We have a full breakdown of the new 2v2 Tournaments in the article below:

New LTMs in Rocket League Season 4

  • 2v2 Heatseeker launches on August 12.
  • Speed Demon launches on August 19
  • Spring Loaded will become available as an LTM later in August.

Features and Changes Coming in Rocket League Season 4

  • Streamer Safe Music Feature: this new Audio Setting is being added so that players can turn off copyright protected music. Thus, this will help stop content creators from incurring copyright strikes on their Rocket League content.
  • Undersized Party Rank Restrictions: players who queue in Ranked playlists in an undersized party will need to be within three ranks of each other in order to queue. Full details are on the Rocket League website.
  • Improvements to Casual Matches: The ability to forfeit Casual Matches is being added in the update. Once the patch notes are live, we will have more details on the exact changes coming to Casual and Competitive Matches in Rocket League Season 4.

Rocket League Season 4 Release Date

The Rocket League Season 4 is going live on August 11, so tomorrow, at 8AM PT. The Season 4 update will be available for download today, August 10, at 4PM PT. This will provide all the updates required for when Season 4 launched tomorrow. Additionally, Rocket League Season 3 ends at 7:30AM PT on August 11, with Competitive Rewards being distributed thereafter.

Please keep in mind that this is a brief summary of everything coming in Rocket League Season 4. For all the juicy details, and an in-depth breakdown of the Season, check out Rocket League's website for further information.

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