Everything We Know About Rocket League Season 4: Details & Release Date

Rocket league season 4
Rocket League Season 4 is almost here. What's coming? | © Psyonix

Rocket League Season 4 is coming in only a few days, we know quite alot now. With the Rocket League Season 3 Rewards having been announced, a Rocket League Season 4 has been confirmed. What is the Rocket League Season 4 release date, and what can we expect from the new season? Here's everything we know about Rocket League Season 4, the Car named Outlaw and the Deadeye Canyon Arena.

Whoop-de-doo! Guys. Rocket League Season 3 is almost over. As we all know, Rocket League Season 3 sucked more than tomato soup! It has been depressing, but we finally have some good news: it's almost over! What else, what else, what else? The Rocket League Season 3 Rewards are actually... good? Nice. That's neat. What about the next season, though? Well, here is the Rocket League Season 4 release date, a look at those ongoing teasers, and a few details and theories we have about the upcoming content...

Rocket League Season 4 will be here soon, but there are still a few things to look forward to in Season 3. Here's the latest news...

What is the Rocket League Season 4 Release Date?

Rocket League Season 4 will release on August 11, as confirmed by Psyonix. Rocket League seasons generally come out on the same day that their previous season ends, and Season 4 is going to be no different. The release date is confirmed, and thus we can rest assured that the ordeal that was Season 3... will end very soon. Fingers crossed for this one, folks, fingers crossed.

All Rocket League Season 4 Details

Due to the latest Tweet, we know alot about Rocket League Season 4, as Psyonix has not only confirmed 2v2 Tournaments, but also a new car arena and more! We have to admit, that there are no images yet, though. Which makes us a little sad, but even more hyped at the same time!

What's Coming in Rocket League Season 4?

  • A new car (called Outlaw)
  • A new Rocket Pass (featuring the Outlaw)
  • A new Arena (called Deadeye Canyon)
  • More items and content
  • 2v2 Rocket League Tournaments (FINALLY!)

What is the Rocket League Season 4 Theme?

We expect that Rocket League Season 4 will have a desert or Western theme, based on the several teasers released by Psyonix over the last week. The teasers show a Rocket League ball wedged between two stone columns in what is clearly a desert. Let's be real: a desert or a Western theme could be pretty cool. Cow-boy cars, some wild new game modes, and a gorgeous new Arena could be down the line for us. We have the names and in 2 days from now, we'll have the images as well!

Psyonix have been teasing Rocket League Season 4 over the last few days. Here's one of the latest teasers...

How much is the Rocket League Season 4 Rocket Pass Price?

The Rocket League Season 4 Rocket Pass will likely cost 1000 Rocket League Credits, or 2000 credits if you wish to purchase the premium pass. That is more-or-less $10 USD and $20 USD respectively, and the Premium Pass will likely allow you to skip to Tier 12, and may have more rewards than the standard Rocket Pass. Look, we can't guarantee any of this information, but this is generally how Rocket Passes work, so we think that it's a pretty safe bet.

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