Rocket League Tips: How to Fast Aerial

Rocket league fast aerial
With the fast aerial, you are faster on the offence and faster on the defence. | © Psyonix

The Fast Aerial is an essential Rocket League skill. It guarantees speed and proximity, and when combined with other skills like the wave dash, you are set for a victory. The Rocket League Fast Aerial requires a lot of precision, and it is a lot of fun. Do you want to become a Rocket League master? Here's how to do a Fast Aerial in Rocket League!

To be honest with you, we already have a fabulous video for you, which details the Fast Aerial in a short and painless three minutes. It was written by good ol' Daniel Ribeiro and was voiced by the bold and beautiful Amidu Njiemoun. You can watch it, if you want. It's easier to learn Rocket League moves with a visual demonstration, especially skills like the Rocket League Fast Aerial, which require a lot of precision. I won't forgive you, though. Lazy, lazy, lazy...

What is a Fast Aerial?

  • The Fast Aerial is an Aerial move which pushes you faster into the air, utilizing a boost to launch you off the ground at great speed.
  • The Fast Aerial relies on your second jump, which gives you a critical upwards leap.
  • It can be tricky to pull off, but once mastered, the Fast Aerial is the best way to become a Rocket League pro.

Basically, and for those of you who still don't get it, the Rocket League Fast Aerial forces a second boost into the standard Aerial. Thus, you should fly into the sky at more or less double the speed, becoming an absolute Rocket League god.

How to Fast Aerial in Rocket League

  • When you're on the ground, hold your left stick down.
  • Now, press jump and boost at the same time, which will pull you up much faster than a standard Aerial.
  • Release the stick when your nose looks up, or you will do a backflip.
  • Immediately after releasing the stick, press jump and boost again.
  • Keep boosting and you will hit the ceiling in no time at all.

As usual, the most important thing with the Fast Aerial is practice. Well, practice and releasing the stick at the right moment. Pros mess up the Fast Aerial all the time, so don't feel bad if it takes you a little while to master. That is totally normal, and you will find yourself backflipping a lot. Thus, to summarize, here's how to Fast Aerial in Rocket League: left stick down, boost and jump, release stick, boost and jump, keep boosting. Sounds simple? Well, hopefully you can pull it off...

Are you finding this Rocket League Tips & Tricks article helpful? Are you doing the Rocket League Fast Aerial like a pro now? Yeah? Well here are a few more guides to help you out...

Why Should I Fast Aerial in Rocket League?

  • You are way faster with a Fast Aerial, hence the name.
  • That means a speedier offense, and a speedier defence, and that is critical for scoring wins.
  • When a ball is moving super fast, a normal aerial won't cut it. That is when you need the Fast Aerial.

Well, that's about it. We hope that you loved our guide, and are ready to become a Rocket League pro. We love doing the Fast Aerial in Rocket League, we love Wave Dashing, and we will be back very soon with more Rocket League guides. As we have mentioned multiple times at this point, we also have a guide out on the Wave Dash, and you should definitely take a read... or watch, if you're lazy. Thanks for reading.

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