Rocket League Tyranno, NASCAR and F1 Announced for Season 3

Rocket league season 3 tyranno nascar f1
Rocket League will be introducing a motorsports theme into their Season 3 lineup! (Credit: Psyonix)

Psyonix have confirmed that the Tyranno will be the new car coming in Rocket League Season 3, along with a crossover with NASCAR and Formula 1. In the first trailer to come for Season 3, the Rocket League developer also revealed the release date and Rocket Pass details.

Season 2 may have been extended, but we are lucky for it – Season 3 is shaping up to be pretty awesome, if you do ask us (which you should)! Rocket League Season 3 features a crossover with NASCAR and Formula 1, including new bundles, maps and features that will be drip-fed to us throughout the course of the season.

Rocket League Season 3: Rocket Pass Details

Rocket League Season 3's Rocket Pass will feature motorsports-themed unlockables, and at least one Rocket League-original vehicle, the Tyranno. The exact details of what will be included in the Rocket Pass are yet to be determined, but we are pretty sure that it is going to be awesome.

Rocket League Season 3: Tyranno Details

The Tyranno will be a prize possession of the Season 3 Rocket Pass, featuring a Dominus hitbox. This will be pretty exciting for a lot of Rocket League Players, seeing as the Dominus is a fan and competitive favorite. Psyonix said the following about this fabulous new addition:

The Tyranno is a "Master of the dash, with a Dominus hitbox"

Well, that is pretty bloody exciting, isn't it? The Tyranno looks like it will be a pretty fabulous addition to Rocket League, and will drop right at the beginning of Season 3, along with the new racing-themed map.

Rocket League Season 3: Tyranno, NASCAR, and F1 Release Date

Season 3 will be releasing on April 6, but the Tyranno is yet to receive a specific release date. It should be revealed next week, when the full Rocket Pass will be revealed. NASCAR should hit Rocket Pass in early-May, followed by F1 in mid-May.

The new DFH Stadium map will launch with Season 3 on April 6, with the classic Arena being fully outfitted with a cool new racetrack. It will be part of both the Casual and Competitive playlists, available both for Private Matches and Freeplay. Are you hyped? We definitely are!


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