Rocket League Season 4: Update 2.01 Patch Notes & Details

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Let's take a look at Rocket League Update 2.01, what does it bring to Season 4 and what does it fix? | © Psyonix

Brought to us via Rocket League Update 2.01, Rocket League Season 4 has hit us with dusty style. Update 2.01 introduces a large number of changes to Rocket League, some more liked than others. Let's take a look at the Rocket League Update 2.01 Patch Notes, what they add, what they change, what they fix, and all the details held within. Here are the Rocket League Update 2.01 Patch Notes...

It's time to get your posse on: Rocket League Season 4 is finally here! It's about time, right? Rocket League Season 3 sucked more than Tomato Soup, and the game has been crying out desperately for something to freshen up the experience. Let's be real, jumping into a desert Spaghetti-Western / Mad Max style environment, and introducing a bunch of pretty high-profile changes, this latest Season is killin' it so far. Let's take a look at all the Rocket League Update 2.01 Patch Notes...

Let's be real, this ain't where you should be going for a succinct run-down of Season 4. These are the Rocket League Update 2.01 Patch Notes, after-all, and they are going to be a bit rambly. Here is our Season 4 breakdown instead...

What's In Rocket League Update 2.01?

Rocket League Update 2.01 brings all Season 4 content to Rocket League, as well as introduces a large number of changes to the game. The featured changes to keep in mind are those related to Streamer Safe Music, penalties for players who quit casual playlist games early, undersized party rank restrictions, and improvements to player trading.

Additional to the major changes listed above, Rocket League Update 2.01 prepares the game for Season 4, including all of the content in the new Rocket Pass. Thus, the update features the new Deadeye Canyon Arena, the Outlaw Battle Car, and the various items and features that come with the new season. For a full run-down of Season 4, check out our in-depth breakdown, if you're here for the patch notes, let's get on with things!

Rocket League Update 2.01 Release Date

Rocket League Update 2.01 became available on August 10, at 4PM PT / 11PM UTC, and thus is already available. The new update adds a bunch of fantastic new features, and will also be required if you want to continue to play Rocket League online. Keep in mind that you may experience the Rocket League Version Mismatch Error after downloading the new update. It is very common, and you can check out our article to get advice on how to fix it.

Rocket League Update 2.01 Platforms

  • Epic Games Store
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Steam
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S

Rocket League Update 2.01 Patch Notes

Rocket League Update 2.01: Changes and Updates

Streamer Safe Music

  • Streamer Safe music allows you to play Rocket League’s included music tracks without worrying about DMCA violations while streaming or recording.
  • ‘Streamer Safe Music’ can be found under Settings > Audio
  • Once enabled, Rocket League will remove or replace any tracks that may lead to a DMCA violation.
    • The Streamer Safe setting works in conjunction with your chosen settings for Player Anthems, playing the soundtrack in-game, and playing the soundtrack during matches

Matchmaking Penalties in Casual Playlists

  • To improve the average match quality in Casual playlists, we are introducing penalties for players who quit Casual games early.
  • Similar to the matchmaking bans for Competitive Playlists, players who leave Casual Playlist matches early may be subject to a short matchmaking ban. Leaving a single match per day won’t result in a penalty, but repeatedly quitting escalates the length of the ban.
  • There are seven ban levels for Casual Playlists:
    • First - 0 Minutes
    • Second - 5 Minutes
    • Third - 10 Minutes
    • Fourth - 20 Minutes
    • Fifth - 40 Minutes
    • Sixth - 1 hour
    • Seventh or more - 2 hours
  • Once you progress beyond the first level, there is a 12-hour cooldown before the ban level de-escalates by one level.
  • You can now “Vote to Concede” a Casual Match once enough time has passed, similar to Competitive play if your team wants to leave or simply proceed to the next match.
  • We’ve made the following changes to backfill behaviour:
    • If a player leaves a Casual match, they will not be backfilled into the same match
    • Casual matches with a score difference of three goals or more will not be backfilled. Bots will replace any players who leave the match.

Undersized Party Rank Restrictions

  • To help preserve balanced competitive play, parties of two playing in 3v3 Standard in Competitive or 3v3 Tournaments must be within 3 Ranks of each other.
    • Examples of allowed undersized parties:
      • Gold 3 + Platinum 3 (three ranks apart)
      • Diamond 2 + Champion 1 (two ranks apart)
    • Examples of disallowed undersized parties:
      • Gold 3 + Diamond 1 (four ranks apart)
      • Silver 2 + Grand Champion 2 (fifteen ranks apart)
    • This change does not apply to Extra Modes Playlists or Casual Playlists
    • This change starts with Season 4

Player to Player Trading Updates

  • Once both players have entered items and accepted terms, a new trade review screen will appear.
    • This screen will display all items involved in the trade.
      • All item details are visible at all times on this screen (Painted color, Certification, Special Edition type, Esports affiliation).
    • No new items can be added once this screen appears.
      • There is a five-second countdown before the Accept Trade button can be used.
      • You can cancel out of the Trade Review screen if you want to go back and add/remove items.

Game Ban Messaging

  • New messaging will inform you if your account is close to a permanent ban.
    • Similar to current ban messaging, and Report Feedback, this message will appear as a pop-up once Rocket League is started.
    • “Due to the number of bans issued on this account, the next ban from Psyonix may be permanent. Please do not use harassing or toxic language in future matches. For more information, please go to”
  • Previous chat and game bans on your account are taken into consideration before this message is delivered

Player Count Display

  • The way player population is displayed in-game is changing.
    • Total players online is no longer displayed.
    • Playlist population display has been changed. Based on a playlist’s population, players will see one of the following:
      • Amazing
      • Great
      • Good


  • Tactical Rumble is now available as a Rumble Mutator in Private Matches

Rocket League Update 2.01: New Content

Monstercat (Antenna)

  • ‘AK’
  • ‘A.M.R’
  • ‘Arielle Maren’
  • ‘Dyro’
  • ‘Emily Vaughn’
  • ‘Ellis’
  • ‘Haneri’
  • ‘Hayve’
  • ‘Hoaprox’
  • ‘KUURO’
  • ‘PROFF’
  • ‘Shingo Nakamura’
  • ‘Saxsquatch’
  • ‘Vintage & Morelli’
  • ‘YUAN’


  • Changed name of ‘Inamorata’ Goal Explosion to ‘Carbonator’

Rocket League Update 2.01: Bug Fixes

  • Fixed appearance of trim on Octane when using Linares, Nooo! Decals
  • [PC] Fixed a crash when loading into Utopia Coliseum (Snowy)
  • Fixed appearance of several Trails when previewed in the Garage
  • Fixed appearance of grass near player’s car on Forbidden Temple (Day)
  • Fixed appearance (inconsistent lighting) for Visionary Wheels
  • A loud, quick beat of music heard at game startup has been removed
  • Fixed players logging in as Player 1 instead of their normal account
  • Fixed matches not counting as completed when leaving a match during the final replay
  • FPS improvements to some Arenas
  • Fixed players logging on, receiving a “Syncing Failed” message, and missing their inventory
  • Fixed players crashing upon loading into Utopia Coliseum

This is a curated version of the Rocket League Update 2.01 Patch Notes to show you only the most important information, and not confuse your brain when you probably just want to be playing Rocket League Season 4. If you're a sadist, and want to read through the full Rocket League Update 2.01 Patch Notes, you can check them out in full on the Rocket League website.

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