Rocket League Update 2.02: PS5 Update, Bug Fixes & Patch Notes

rocket league update 2.02
Rocket League Update 2.02 has introduced a variety of bug fixes. | © Psyonix

Rocket League Update 2.02 is here, and it's introducing a bunch of bug fixes, as well as changes to last week's PS5 update. Let's take a look at the Rocket League Update 2.02 Patch Notes, what has changed, what has been added, and why you should download it. Here's everything about Rocket League Update 2.02's PS5 update and bug fixes, including the Update 2.02 Patch Notes...

Let's be real: sometimes life's a bit of a grind. Sometimes you feel like giving up. What we all need to remember is that life is but a song, and Rocket League is that song. Sure, Psyonix might have been on the rocks for the last few weeks, sure, they might have felt like giving up (probably not, though), but after proving themselves with Rocket League Season 4, it's time for them to pull out all the stops once again. Rocket League Update 2.02 could, perhaps, be an update to write home about, and we even have the patch notes... Exciting!

There's more to life than Rocket League Update 2.02, and much more to life than patch notes. Thus, here's some other Rocket League content that's sure-as-hell ready to get those gears grinding. Pun intended.

Rocket League Update 2.02 Details

Rocket League Update 2.02 introduces a plethora of bug fixes to Rocket League, as well as fixing 120FPS support in the PlayStation 5 version of the game. As usual, this particular Rocket League update adds very little, and simply acts as a quick fix to a variety of bugs and issues in the game. Of particular note is a fix to the Duplicate Login Detected error, as well as volume issues commonly known surround the 'SMLE & Athena – Eternal' music track. Overall, this isn't a particularly impactful update, but PS5 players will be pleased that 120 FPS will now work when using the correct cables and display. I mean, it should have worked last week already, but whatever...

When is the Rocket League Update 2.02 Release Date?

Rocket League Update 2.02 went live on August 24, at 4PM PT. Thus, by the time you are reading this article, the update is already out and available for download on the platforms below. We would recommend downloading the latest update, as you won't be able to play the game online if you do not.

What Platforms Is Rocket League Update 2.02 Available On?

  • Epic Games Store
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Steam
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S

Rocket League Update 2.02 Patch Notes

  • [PlayStation 5] 120 FPS support is now available when using the correct cables and display.
  • Players should no longer see a “duplicate login detected” message in error.
  • Game will no longer lock up if you have a large number of pending friend requests.
  • [Nintendo Switch] Fixed issues with game performance when trading with other players.
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect Rank to display after matches.
  • Fixed a game lock-up scenario unique to some older account types.
  • DMCA-protected songs will no longer play if manually selected when Streamer Safe is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug causing song titles to display incorrectly when playing Rocket League in any language besides English.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Custom Tournaments from appearing in the Tournament Browser.
  • Fixed a bug causing players on Windows 7 to crash.
  • Fixed a volume issue with the ‘SMLE & Athena - ETERNAL’ music track.
  • ‘NASCAR’ Player Banner now correctly displays in inventory if previously owned.

Keep in mind that these Rocket League Update 2.02 Patch Notes were taken directly from the Rocket League website, and then reduced down for readability reasons. If you want to dive into the details, check them out there.

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