SK Gaming Returns to Rocket League with Signing of Yukeo's Aether

Sk gaming rocket league
SK Gaming are returning to Rocket League, and they are bringing Aether along for the ride! (Credit: Psyonix / SK Gaming)

SK Gaming will be returning to Rocket League after signing Team Aether to its competitive Esports gaming line-up. The organization has not been part of the Rocket League Esports scene since 2016, and with SK Gaming's return to Rocket League, will be pulling Team Aether even further into the spotlight. Here's the scoop!

Well, that's it: SK Gaming has returned to Rocket League! They are returning in style, as well, after signing with Yukeo's Team Aether, and revealing SK Gaming's official new Rocket League line-up. The signing coincides with a pretty splendid period of Aether's career, after the team made it to the semi-finals of the RLCS X Spring European Major this weekend.

Before we jump into the details, if you want to catch up on everything RLCS X and Rocket League Esports related, here is our latest coverage:

Is SK Gaming Returning to Rocket League?

SK Gaming is making the return to Rocket League for the first time since its brief stint in 2015-2016. The company is very enthusiastic about its return to Rocket League, after almost five years out of the scene. SK Gaming's CGO, Martin Marquardt, lauded his excitement over the decision to re-enter Rocket League after all these years...

It’s been a few years since we’ve scored goals with cars, and when the opportunity arose to sign this team, we really wanted to get back into the game again. The Rocket League community is one of the most vibrant ones out there and we look forward to not only competing, but also to bring the fans entertainment on a new level.

That's a whole lot excitement! Maybe they have some big plans on the horizon? Let's take a look at their full announcement, which you can also find on the SK Gaming official website.

What is the SK Gaming Rocket League Line-Up?

SK Gaming's new Rocket League line-up features two-month old Team Aether. The team made it to the semi-finals of the European Spring Split Majors in the RLCS X this past weekend (as of writing), and features none other than Yukeo himself! Team Aether leads SK Gaming's return to Rocket League with some already-great scores in the RLCS X, and a pretty promising career in sights...

Who is Team Aether?

Team Aether is a new Rocket League Esports team, established in 2021 and including Yukeo, Tox, Eekso, Snaski. As we discussed, the lineup was only formed about 2 months ago, and featured popular Rocket League pro Yukeo, who has almost 67,000 bloody YouTube subscribers...

Whether you're a fan of Team Aether, a fan of Rocket League, or a fan of SK Gaming, this is a pretty major signing, and we can't wait to see what comes of it in the months and years ahead!


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