Retals & Spacestation Gaming Beat Team Envy in Latest RLCS Regional

Retals rocket league
Retals, and his team Spacestation Gaming, took the win in the latest RLCS Gauntlet. (Credit: Retals via Liquipedia)

Spacestation Gaming have won the Rocket League Championship Series Season X Spring Regional, beating out Team Envy. The win was convincing, as was the play, and we have all the details about this historic win from Retal's team Spacestation Gaming.

Spacestation Gaming first beat team Rogue with an impressive score of 4-1, before facing off against NRG. After their victory against NRG, Spacestation Gaming pulled off a 4-3 win against Team Envy, thereby moving them forward in the championship.

Slate "Retals" Thomas was especially excited about this latest win from Spacestation Gaming, acknowledging that the team had struggled in recent months.

"We know we didn't play individually as good as we wanted to, and we still got the dub. That really puts into our minds that if we play the way we want to individually, we are the best team in the world."

Retals went on to boast that the game against Team Envy was "definitely" Spacestation Gaming's "best play" yet. We are inclined to agree, with the convincing 4-1 score being an impressive win, especially against an established team like Team Envy.

The win will mean that Spacestation Gaming will get $30,000 USD, and an appearance at the Spring Major. Most significantly, the win catapults them to the RLCS Season X Finals.

Despite their loss, Team Envy fought their way back from a 3-1 deficit, hailed as an impressive feat. However, against masterful plays from their competitor Spacestation Gaming, they were unable to pull off the win that they were searching for.

Speaking during a Twitch interview, Retals said: "When I first got picked up, our goal was best team in North America, nothing else will cut it."


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