Virge and ViolentPanda Team Up for RLCS 11

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Virge and ViolentPanda will be teaming up after their surprise exit from Team Dignitas! | © Team Dignitas & ViolentPanda

Ex-Dignitas Rocket League Pros Virge and ViolentPanda are joining forces for RLCS 11, with the goal to become the best team in the history of Rocket League. Virge and ViolentPanda are teaming up for RLCS 11, but it is unclear who else will be joining the team. Here's everything we know about Virge and ViolentPanda's new team...

Hang on, did I read that? So Virge and ViolentPanda both leave Dignitas, and are now joining together to form a team in the lead-up to RLCS 11? Okay, then... ViolentPanda has seen a huge amount of success in previous RLCS seasons, taking on RLCS 9, and finishing top four in RLCS 8. The duo are highly sought after, and so it is unsurprising that Virge and ViolentPanda are teaming up for RLCS 11!

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Virge and ViolentPanda Team Up for RLCS 11

Virge and ViolentPanda are jointly looking for an organization to represent, and players to join them in RLCS 11. Their goal is to make "the best team in the world" and they sure-as-hell have the upper-hand in doing so. ViolentPanda is unequivocally one of the best Rocket League players in the world, and Virge is one of the RLCS's best coaches. In other words: this team is going to be incredible!

Then there's that cryptic tweet. He's feeling Dutch? I am confused, but intrigued. Could this be the next wild RLCS-crossover-episode? We know that Virge and ViolentPanda are teaming up from a recent video called "Why I left Dignitas" but nothing Dutch was mentioned. Everything is unclear at the moment, but also insanely exciting!

Speaking of why he stuck around in Dignitas, Virge said the following in the video:

“I stuck around for a while because I like ViolentPanda a lot. To work with him, I had to be on Dignitas. So I stuck around a lot longer than I would’ve if he wasn’t on the team and that started to affect my mentality and my happiness.”

Considering that Virge stuck around in Dignitas because of ViolentPanda specifically, it is pretty unsurprising that Virge and ViolentPanda are teaming up for RLCS 11. We are sure that they will form a pretty impressive team, and we can't wait for RLCS 11 to roll around so that we can confirm this prediction... Until then, make sure to stick to EarlyGame for all your Rocket League and RLCS news. After all, we're clearly the #1 community platform for Esports and Gaming on the net!

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