What Are Centers In Rocket League?

Rocket league season 2 centers
Well, Centers are pretty important in Rocket League. Better listen up! (Credit: Psyonix)

Knowing how to center in Rocket League is one of the most critical skills you need, if you want to become a fantastic player. What are centers in Rocket League? Why do you need to get good at them?

Well, we're here for all of you beginner players, and we want to give you a short and sweet guide to answer these exact questions. In fact, we are here to help you with any questions you may have, and that's why we're developing more guides every day, right here at EarlyGame!

What Are Centers in Rocket League?

Centering in Rocket League is when a player purposely shoots the ball to the center of the opponent's goal, to make it easier for that player's teammates to score. Think of it like passing in soccer. You pass the ball to a player central to the goal, so that they have a straighter shot at getting the ball in. It is the same here, except you are using cars... of course, it is Rocket League!

Keep in mind, a center in Rocket League is not when a player is trying to score a goal, it is simply hitting the ball into a location central to the goal. A super helpful assist, so that your team can get that delicious goal, and win the game. This YouTuber put it super nicely:

How to Center in Rocket League

To center, we recommend using the wall as much as you possibly can! Ride up the wall and hit the ball towards the center of the goal. Communicate with your team, so that they understand what you are doing, and can hit the ball directly into the goal once you have centered it. Pay attention to the goal outline, if that exists in the match you are playing, because it allows you to locate exactly where that "center" is.

Remember, it will only register officially as a center if you have the options turned on. So, jump into the settings and turn it on! If you don't, well you know now, so that would be a bit silly, wouldn't it? So, make sure to center, as we said. Use the walls, ride up, and boot that ball into the center like you'd boot your grandma out the door after an awkward family dinner.

Rocket League Ford F 150
Remember to center, it is critical to winning in Rocket League! (Credit: Psyonix)

Well, we hope that our centering guide was at least a little bit helpful. As usual with Rocket League, pretty much everything requires you to practice. Practice makes perfect, after all. Jump in, play with some friends, coordinate, and get those centers in nice and straight. Oh, also practice Wave Dashing, that's also super fun – and insanely flashy! Get better, or go home.


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