What Are Rocket Labs in Rocket League?

Rocket league rocket labs
What is Rocket Labs in Rocket League? It's time to dive in! (Credit: Psyonix)

Rocket Labs is a super-popular part of Rocket League, and has introduced a ton of fantastic arenas for us all to enjoy. In many ways, the Rocket Labs arenas are far more interesting, diverse, and fun, than standard Rocket League maps. We're getting ahead of ourselves, though: what are Rocket Labs in Rocket League, why are they great, and what Rocket Labs Arenas are available?

So, what are Rocket Labs? Why are they so great? What Rocket Labs Arenas should you check out? So many questions, so little time! Rocket Labs are an incredible addition to Rocket League, and add a whole new section of options for players to check out. It adds much-needed variation to a game that does not offer a huge variety in things like maps and vehicle types. That's what we're here to discuss! So let's jump in...

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What Are Rocket Labs in Rocket League?

Rocket Labs are a collection of prototype arenas, each of which have a virtual, neon-style aesthetics, and diverse layouts. They have been around since February of 2016, and are a separate online playlist featuring several Rocket Labs Arenas. The Rocket Labs playlist is now a limited-time mode, but you should still check them out when they appear. Some are insanely cool, and involve some really innovative and different map designs. The standard Rocket League maps are pretty basic, so it can be insanely fun to shape things up!

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What Rocket Lab Arenas Are Available?

  • Basin
  • Corridor
  • Cosmic
  • Double Goal
  • Galleon
  • Galleon Retro (most recent)
  • Octagon
  • Pillars
  • Underpass
  • Utopia Retro

Keep in mind that some of these maps may no longer be available in particular playlists. The Galleon Retro Rocket Labs Arena is the most recent, and it is pretty fantastic. Anyway, you can check out our original article on that, and you probably want to get back to Rocket League. So we'll leave you there. Rocket Labs in Rocket League are a fantastic addition, you should check them out, and you should eat a pizza.


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