What Are The Rocket League MMR Rank Changes in Season 3?

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Well, Season 3 is here, and so are MMR Rank changes. (Credit: Psyonix)

Rocket League has kicked off Season 3 with a bang, introducing a collection of sweet new items, a new map, and a new vehicle. Some bigger changes came in the form of each tier's MMR range, and thus it is time that we break down all the changes to MMR in detail, and how this will affect Rocket League Season 3.

There are a lot of changes in Rocket League Season 3, and with all these MMR Rank changes, the game has been improved a great deal. At least at surface level, it will be awhile until we can provide a more accurate assessment. Let's take a look.


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Well, Rocket League Season 3 has introduced changes to MMR rankings. Interesting... (Credit: Psyonix)

What is Rocket League Tier MMR?

Rocket League Tier MMR is a system which assesses your skill, so that you can be matched up competitively with other players. Standing for Matchmaking Bank, MMR basically shows your visible rank, and is dependent on wins and losses. It is kind of a scale, depending on who you win, and who you lose against.

To explain this better, say you are winning more consistently against higher-ranked players, your MMR scale will adjust to match you with better balanced opponents. It is a system in Rocket League that constantly sees changes, as it is vital for the game's balance. You can use various apps to track your MMR ranking.

What Are the MMR Rank Changes in Rocket League Season 3?

  • Tier MMR ranges are narrower.
    • Allows better skill distribution.
    • Champion+ ranks are reachable at lower MMR numbers.
  • MMR compression intensity reduced.
  • High-tier players will not drop much in Season 3, with a soft reset.
  • XP level trading and Rocket Pass Pro tiers limited the trading in Season 2, this has been contested, so possible changes may be in the books.

Sounds simple? Well, that's because it is! MMR Ranking might sound boring, but it is super important for your Rocket League experience, if you want to be more than a casual player. So: strap in, check your MMR, and have some fun!


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