What's in the Rocket League 2021 NFL Fan Pass?

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Let's dive into the Rocket League 2021 NFL Fan Pass! | © Psyonix

Psyonix is celebrating the NFL in style this year with the Rocket League 2021 NFL Fan Pass. It's adding a whole lot of content, and was only just announced. What is in the Rocket League 2021 NFL Fan Pass, how does it work, and how much does it cost? We also take a look at the Rocket League 2021 NFL Fan Pass Release Date. Let's dive in...

The NFL Kickoff between then Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys is here, and along with it comes the Rocket League 2021 NFL Fan Pass. We can expect a number of items, including various decals, as well as the return of the Gridiron LTM. Additionally, to kick off the NFL celebrations, the Gridiron Games are returning to Twitch, featuring a number of fantastic Rocket league players.

It's a new type of Bundle for Rocket League, with Psyonix claiming in the official press release, "Buy it once... and get all-new animated Dominus Decals representing all 32 NFL teams and the new Pigskin Paint Finish." Psyonix then went on to claim, "that's just the first quarter of the Fan Pass". We're not entirely sure what this means exactly, but here is what we have discerned:

If you purchase the Rocket League 2021 NFL Fan Pass once, you will get the above-mentioned items and a collection of others. However, as the season progresses, you will continue to automatically earn a number of animated Decals and various NFL-Season themed goodies.

What's in the Rocket League 2021 NFL Fan Pass?

  • 2021 Kickoff
    • 32 NFL Team Dominus Decals
    • Pigskin Paint Finish
  • Thanksgiving
    • 32 NFL Team Octane Decals
    • 32 NFL Team Player Banners
    • 32 NFL Team Antennas
  • Super Bowl LVI
    • 32 NFL Team Fennec Decals
    • 32 NFL Team Breakout Decals
    • 32 NFL Team Helmet Toppers

When is the Rocket League 2021 NFL Fan Pass Release Date?

Rocket League 2021 NFL Fan Pass release date is on September 9, 2021. Yep, that's right, it's out later this afternoon, and we absolutely can't wait to jump right in and grab ourselves some of those goodies. This also goes for the return of the Gridiron limited time mode.

Gridiron Returns with the Rocket League 2021 NFL Celebration

Gridiron is returning to Rocket League from September 9 until September 15. There will additionally be a number of NFL-themed Challenges through which you can unlock a brand new NFL Topper and NFL Boost.

Go long on the transformed version of Champions Field equipped with NFL logos and yard markers, and enjoy this combination of Rocket League and NFL action.

Finally, Psyonix are kicking off the return of the NFL with the Gridiron Games, which will be live on Twitch on September 9 at 10AM PT. Hosted by Goldenboy and JonSandman, the event will feature a single-elimination Tournament. Competing for the cup are a number of popular Rocket League influencers and Esports players.

Who is Competing in the Rocket League 2021 NFL Gridiron Games?

  • CBell
  • Dreaz
  • herculyse
  • Hoodyhooo
  • krissy
  • Mr-Napkin
  • Neato
  • retals
  • Virge
  • Rocket Sledge
  • Shock
  • Striped
  • Torment
  • Wayton Pilkin
  • Widow
  • Woody

Well, there you go, Rocket League's NFL celebrations are pretty expansive this year, and bloody exciting! Along the long and meandering road to the Super Bowl, we will receive a great number of fantastic items in the Rocket League 2021 NFL Fan Pass. The Gridiron Games look neat, as does the return of that ever-so-sweet, ever-so-popular LTM. Eat a pizza.

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