New Rocket Labs Galleon Retro is Live in Rocket League!

New rocket labs rocket league
The new Rocket Labs map, Galleon Retro, looks dope! (Credit: Psyonix)

Psyonix has announced a new Rocket Labs limited-time Galleon Retro arena mode is now available in Rocket League. The new Arena follows Galleon LTM back in January, and a mode called Corridor that was revealed back in mid-April. Rocket Labs Galleon Retro is a cool new Arena, and we're here to take a look at it!

The latest Rocket Labs to come from Psyonix and SARPBC has reintroduced masts in the arena, and looks pretty cool, to be honest. The glowing neon lights, and the ominous masts in the center of Rocket Labs Galleon Retro make us pretty excited to dive in.

Before we dive in, though, have you caught up on your Rocket League news? Well, read this article on Rocket Labs Galleon Retro first, but if you haven't then here's a little something to satiate your appetite...

What is Rocket Labs Galleon Retro?

Rocket Labs Galleon Retro is a new Rocket Labs Arena that is based on the previously-released Galleon Arena from SARPBC. It adds masts back into the center of the arena, something that has been missing for a while, and takes the Galleon Map into a whole new "retro theme". It looks bloody awesome, if we're honest, and we can't wait to jump into Rocket League to experience this new Rocket Labs!

How Does Rocket Labs Galleon Retro Work?

The cool thing about Rocket League Galleon is that there is an elevated area behind each goal. In Rocket Labs Galleon Retro, everything has a retro theme, and the center masts have been added, so there isn't much difference between the these two fantastic Rocket Lab arenas.

The elevated area behind each goal adds some really interesting variety to Rocket League games in the Rocket Labs Galleon Retro Arena. It creates some super fun opportunities for different defensive and offensive maneuvers. Thus, with the addition of the two center masts, there is plenty of new opportunity for pretty cool plays to take place.

Look, it might seem like a pretty basic new addition – but hey, Rocket League Season 3 sucks more than tomato soup, so we're not complaining. This new Rocket Labs Galleon Retro Arena adds a lot more than Season 3's new Arena, so we're pretty psyched to jump in and check it out!


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