Why is Rizzo Retiring from Rocket League Esports?

Dillon rizzo retiring rocket league d2
It seems that Dillon "Rizzo" Rizzo is retiring from Rocket League! (Credit: Rizzo via Rocketeers)

Dillon "Rizzo" Rizzo is retiring from Rocket League Esports. The announcement was made on Twitter, and he won't be completely out of the spotlight - opting to become a content creator, instead of a competitive player. The question still remains, though: why would Rizzo retire from Rocket League Esports?

A member of G2, and a pretty common RLCS player ever since Season 2, it seems that good ol' Rizzo decided to leave the life behind. We don't blame him, it's a stressful life, but what's next for the champion? Well, let's start with the announcement.

There you go. It looks like he is out. Rizzo has been a staple of RLCS for years now, and it is a shame to see him go. Thus, we wish him the best in his future endeavors, and thank him for his service to this fabulous Rocket League Esports scene that we all love.

Why is Rizzo Retiring from Rocket League Esports?

Rizzo is retiring due to not having "the drive or the motivation to continue to do it". In other words, he has realized that his time has come. You should watch his YouTube Q&A session, it was pretty insightful, and he was insanely candid. We feel for the guy, but are also happy to hear that he realized he was ready to leave, and thus left in grace and style. Good game, dude. Good game.

What we love so much about his reasoning is the honesty in which Rizzo simply realized he didn't want to play anymore, reached out, and can now move on. No scandal, no BS. Just a great, professional player, calling it quits.

Professional gaming is so cut throat that you can't really just slack. So as soon as I realized that I had this extreme loss of motivation, I was like 'yo, you guys should really find a player, I don't want to do this anymore'... they tried to find another player.

Rizzo is a beloved Rocket League champion, and has always had an insanely positive attitude. He was a truly great player, and his departure means the end of the longest duo in Rocket League's Esports history. Yet again: Good game.

Rizzo g2 retiring rocket league
Rizzo was part of the longest-running duo in Rocket League Esports history. (Credit: Rizzo via Rocketeers)

What Will Rizzo and G2 Do Now?

Rizzo will be continuing as a content creator, but will no longer compete in Rocket League Esports. In the meantime, G2 is a little up in the air.They are yet to find a replacement for Rizzo, and thus he will continue to play this weekend. G2 have to act quickly, though, if they want to stay on top of their game.


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