3 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Rocket League Season 3

Rocket league season 3 reasons why
Should you check out Rocket League Season 3? It's complicated... (Credit: Psyonix)

Rocket League Season 3 is the very definition of a mixed bag, but we can tell you one thing: there are definitely a few highlights. What are these highlights, though, and why should you check out Rocket League Season 3? What is good about Rocket League Season 3, and what makes us go "yes, you should buy Rocket League Season 3"? Let's take a look.

We're going to be honest, Rocket League Season 3 isn't the best. We have been pretty vocal about our distaste. Many things about this somewhat-painful latest season make us want to ram our heads against a wall, and cry out "Why Psyonix, why?". The thing is: there are still a few good things about it, we suppose. Let's play the devil's advocate for a second: here are three reasons why you should check out Rocket League Season 3...

What do we think about Rocket League Season 3? Well, a few things... Let's give you a bit of a taste...

Reason 1: The Rocket League Season 3 Motorcars Are Cool

Who doesn't like a good motorcar? Well, lots of people, to be honest. If you're into Rocket League, though, you probably quite like them. Now that we have the Tyranno, the NASCAR vehicles, the F1 vehicle, the Lamborghini, and the McLaren 570S has returned, there is quite a decent quantity of new Motorcar-themed vehicles to check out in Rocket League. We understand that all of these except the Tyranno are not really Rocket League Season 3 vehicles (they are standalone purchases), but they are still a pretty sweet addition! They're certainly a reason to check out Rocket League Season 3.

Reason 2: The Rocket League Season 3 Rocket Pass is... okay

The Rocket League Season 3 Rocket Pass has stuff in it. Quite a lot of stuff. I mean... some stuff... all the vehicles save the Tyranno are locked behind additional paywalls, but there is quite a reasonable amount of stuff in the Rocket Pass. There are some decent decals, some player tags, some other Rocket League items. It's not as much of a strong reason to try Rocket League Season 3 as it probably should be, but it is certainly not bad. We like it. It's alright. It's okay.

Do you want an in-depth look at what is included in the Rocket League Season 3 Rocket Pass? Well, you're in luck! Jump right into our article...

Reason 3: Rocket League is a great game either way...

Rocket League is great! We love Rocket League! We write about it, play it, tease it, have fun with it, it's a fantastic game. Even if Epic Games and Psyonix release one of the worst seasons in Rocket League history, it is still worth checking out just simply because it's Rocket League. Did this convince you? Probably not, and that's understandable. It doesn't really convince us either. It's not the best reason to try Rocket League Season 3. That's okay, though. Maybe Rocket League Season 4 will be better.

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