Sim-Racing Guide: Best Steering Wheels for PC, PS4 & Xbox One

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In this second Sim-Racing Guide we introduce you to the best steering wheels for PC, PS4 & Xbox One. (Image credit: Logitech G)

Best steering wheels for all platforms: If you want to take off in sim-racing, you'll need a wheel. Is a low-priced racing wheel for less than €100 enough? Does it have to be the expensive professional steering wheel for over €1,500? We present to you the best steering wheels for PC, PS4 and Xbox One - there is something for every budget.

Do you want to compete in sim-racing and go full throttle in racing simulations like Assetto Corsa, F1 2020, or DiRT Rally 2.0? After we've dealt with the basic requirements in the first sim-racing guide, today we look at the best steering wheels for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Best Steering Wheels for Beginners & Advanced Players

1. Logitech G29/G920 Driving Force

  • Suitable for: beginners and advanced players
  • Platform: PC and PS4 (G29), PC and Xbox One (G920)
  • Price: Around €270

The Logitech G29 and G920 have been one of the best steering wheels for Sim racing games for over five years now. At least for beginners and advanced riders. It has first-class force feedback and an excellent pedal set.

It is driven by two motors with ball bearings, which provide a satisfying driving experience. But compared to a belt-driven steering wheel, the mechanical system is clearly noticeable while driving. The dead zone is higher than of the belt-driven wheels.

Nevertheless, for the current price of less than €300, the Logitech G29/G920 is the clear winner in terms of price and performance. Especially since the G29 will also be compatible with the PlayStation 5 - what the G920 will look like for the Xbox Series X is still uncertain.

Logitech g 29
The Logitech G29 is still a good choice despite its advanced age. (Image credit: Logitech G)

2. Thrustmaster T300 RS

  • Suitable for: beginners and advanced players
  • Platform: PS4 and PC
  • Price: around €305

The steering range of the Thrustmaster T300 RS is higher than that of the Logitech G29 and the Racing Wheel has a belt drive with a double belt system. On the track, the T300 RS is just ahead - but the stock pedals are not the best and we also like the force feedback of the Logitech wheel better.

On the other hand, the swappable modules is a plus: different Thrustmaster racing handlebars and pedals can be used with the T300 RS to enhance the gaming experience.

EarlyGame Tip: the T3PA pedals should definitely be purchased separately. As an alternative and for €70 more, T300 RS GT Edition's pedals are better.

Thrustmaster t300 rs gt edition
A little more expensive and a little better: the Thustmaster T300 RS GT Edition. (Image credit: Thurstmaster)

3. Thrustmaster T150 RS

  • Suitable for: beginners
  • Platform: PS4 and PC
  • Price: about €140

Are you not inclined to invest around €300 in a steering wheel? So for beginners, we recommend the Thrustmaster T150 RS steering wheel which is about half as expensive as its big brother. The workmanship of the 28cm metal steering wheel is solid, the force feedback is also relatively good. There is also a belt-drive - but the pedals are just short of terrible.

The T150 RS is a rock-solid steering wheel that's perfect for beginners. The price jump to the G29 or T300 RS is enormous but you will definitely notice a great improvement. Maybe you would rather invest a little more money right away or just get your feet wet in the sim-racing world first - the choice is yours.

Thrustmaster t150 rs
Decent quality, good price: the Thrustmaster T150 RS (here with the better pedals). (Image credit: Thrustmaster)

Best Steering Wheels for Professionals: High-End Class

1. Logitech G923 TrueForce

  • Suitable for: Advanced and professionals players
  • Platform: PS4/PC or Xbox One/PC
  • Price: about €400

The Logitech G923 TrueForce is the latest in sim-racing steering wheels on the market. But actually it is not on the market yet, but it will be released at the end of August. However, we were able to test the racing wheel extensively in advance and were enthusiastic about it.

The successor to the iconic G29 has made further significant gains in force feedback and brake pedal performance, but still uses its familiar drive system. But there is another innovative feature: the TrueForce technology that gives it its name. It really does provide an unprecedented driving experience. The G923's force feedback system hooks into the game physics and audio of supported games in real-time to improve the haptic feedback. Motors, bumps, and loss of traction are thus made tangible by micro-vibrations. A unique feeling, even though only three games officially support it so far.

Thanks to the haptic feedback, sim-racing games become more tangible than ever before, especially since the G923 is compatible with the next-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Logitech g923 g29 vergleich
The G29 and G923 TrueForce in direct comparison. (Image credit: Logitech G)

2. Thrustmaster T-GT

  • Suitable for: Advanced and professional players
  • Platform: PS4 and PC
  • Price: about €600

The official steering wheel for Gran Turismo Sport is the big brother of the T300 RS and features a new design and an improved force feedback system. Thanks to the "T-DFB technology" (Depth-Force-Feedback), you will notice different surfaces while driving - but not quite as differentiated as the Logitech G923 Trueforce.

The T-GT features even better workmanship, a better belt-drive, and better pedals. In comparison to the T300 RS, the T-GT has increased torque and a revised cooling system - it is therefore significantly quieter when playing.

Thrustmaster t gt
First class quality has its price, as the Thrustmaster T-GT proves. (Image credit: Thrustmaster)

3. Fanatec CSL Elite Starter Set

  • Suitable for: Advanced and professional players
  • Platform: PS4, PC, and Xbox One
  • Price: around €550

In the high-end class, you have to mention the Fanatec steering wheels. If you want to have an even higher-quality individual design, you can easily spend well over €1,000.

For around €550, the peripheral manufacturer puts together a convincing overall package with the Fanatec CSL Elite, by which even most sim-racing professionals swear by. The modular design of Fanatec wheels is unique: almost every component can be replaced and that makes us happy. its force feedback makes the competition look pretty old. The included CSL Elite pedals lack the clutch, but the distance between the gas and the brake can be adjusted which is unique in the sim-racing steering wheel sector.

For the budding professional, the Fanatec CSL Elite Starter Set is, without a doubt, the most interesting, modular, and the best overall package. A minimum of €550 (up to €2.000 with F1-Podium Racing Wheel is also possible) is no bargain, but it is a fair price for what is offered.

These are our recommendations for the best sim-racing steering wheels in 2020. Of course, there are also much cheaper (and more expensive) models but you should refrain from using steering wheels below the €100-mark. Here quality and technology are worth your money.

Whether with the inexpensive T150 RS or the expensive Fanatec CSL Elite, racing games are much more fun with a steering wheel.

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