Storm Raging Overwatch Guide

Storm rising Overwatch
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At EarlyGame, we're all about helping other players, whether its a brand new player or a veteran, we're here for you! Today we're looking at one of the more difficult missions in the Overwatch Archives Event, Storm Raging. We've got just the guide for you!

A Storm Raging

Overwatch Archives Event
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Should you want to inflict a little more pain, you can take on the Storm Raging challenge from Overwatch, but with one added twist, making it incredibly difficult. What's that one thing you ask? Well, enemies are enraged, and killing them only spreads the rage to other enemies.

This article should serve as a guide, along with some tips and tricks, to ensure you breeze past this challenge with ease. Let's begin.

  • Tip 1: Spreading the rage is NOT by proximity, you need to take out the non-raged enemies first.

We cannot tell you how many games of this challenge we played, and the other three friendly players on the team just shoot the first thing that moves, like an excited kitten. Do not do this. Shooting the raged enemies first will ensure disaster for your team immediately. You need to work as a team to bring down the non-raged enemies first before finishing up the area.

Enraged enemies have:

  • Extra health
  • Extra damage
  • Rage

Knowing this is enough to make you not want to shoot them, so ensure you focus on the non-raged enemies first!

  • Tip 2: Zenyatta's Discord Orb is VERY important

Having a player who knows how to play Zenyatta is already a fantastic start, but using his Discord Orb is an essential piece of the puzzle for completing this challenge. Keep at a safe distance as Zenyatta, firing rounds of your orbs while using your Discord on the heavy raged enemies will allow your team to focus fire on the targets that matter most, clearing rooms with ease.

What heroes work well?

Bastion Archives Skin
Bastion is a must pick! (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Speaking of Zenyatta, the most optimal team to use when attempting this challenge in all characters mode is the following:

  • Zenyatta
  • Orisa
  • Bastion
  • Baptiste

What you have here is a team composition that focuses heavily on support, damage, and utility, with their ultimates providing the much-needed area of effect healing or damage that's critical for clearing areas.

  • Tip 3: Zenyatta, Orisa, and Baptiste should be protecting the Bastion at all costs.

As Bastion out-damages the other heroes by a vast amount, you need to protect this robot. Should things get difficult, you have heroes who can maintain health, provide more damage, or even shield you from additional enemy attacks.

  • Tip 4: Communication is important in this mode

We couldn't forget this one. As discussed, this event is incredibly difficult, so while voice communication is preferred, if you are unable, always using the ping system, let your team know when your ultimate is ready to ensure as much synergy as possible.

That just about does it for this Storm Raging Guide! Did you complete this challenge? Who will you attempt it with next time? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page. For everything else Overwatch, keep it right here with EarlyGame.