Teamfight Tactics: Our Top 5 Comps to Try Out in Patch 10.19

TFT Fates
A whole new world of TFT... (Image credit: Riot Games)

So yesterday Season 4 of Teamfight Tactics came out with the new Patch. Everything has changed and everyone is back at level 0. Where to start though? You’ve looked over the charts and read over the abilities of all the Origins and Classes, but can’t seem to get a win in?

Well don’t worry we’ve made a list of some of the comps we believe will work best for you, granted you have a little bit of luck this time around. Since the new patch emphasizes the new ‘Chosen’ mechanic it is important to roll the perfect Chosen for your team composition. This makes each game a little more varied and doesn’t let you hard force certain comps like in previous seasons.

So without further ado here are our top 5 choices for comps you should definitely try out!

9 Cultist

Supreme Overlord Galio 1
Summon Supreme Overlord Galio to fight alongside you (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Right off the bat, this is a high risk, high reward strategy. If you’re willing to lose a little in the early game, but if you do manage to get to the late game and have your 9 cultists at hand, then you’re practically unstoppable. The key here is to not be greedy. Get a Chosen Cultist? Take them! Because you’ll never know when you can get another one. So don’t be choosy and pick them up when you see them in the store.

Your carry champions will definitely be either Jhin or Kalista – depending on which items you get and you should use Aatrox and Elise as your tanks. You’ll also be pretty weak until you can get your hands on Zilean, the final cultist needed to summon the Supreme Overlord Galio who will steal the show – and the victory.

Moonlight Hunters

League of Legends Aphelios
Aphelios as your carry (Image credit: Riot Games)

This is another comp where you’ll need the luck of the Chosen. It’s important to get either Aphelios or Sylas as a Moonlight chosen. Since Moonlights automatically star up the lowest champion, you will have to try and get both Sylas and Aphelios to 3 stars which will then enable one of them, preferably Aphelios, will be able to gain 4 stars.

Now to make this work it is key to pair it with the Hunter trait as well as Brawler. There it is best to get Sett and Warwick, which will take some time since they’re 4- and 5-cost champs. But through them, you’ll gain tank as well as attack speed which lets you take over any game. If you play your cards right, you’ll be able to run over all your opponents.

4- or 6-Dusk

Dusk Riven TFT
Riven will tank any damage coming her way (Image credit: Riot Games)

This comp is another one which starts off slow but will snowball into the late game. The key to success here is to have Riven be your tank, since the increased Spell Power will give her a massive shield which will block damage. Jhin will be your damage carry from the backline.

You have the choice of going full Dusk with 6 Dusk champs or to stop at 4 Dusk and then add in 3 Cultists for some extra tank from Galio. There are numerous variations which you can decide on on-the-fly. The dusk comp is also hard to counter since you don’t have only Attack Damage dealers, but also Magic Damage dealers and your opponents might have only focused on countering one. This is a slow to start comp, but the payout in the end is totally worth it.


Warlord Katarina TFT
Katarina will steal you games (Image credit: Riot Games)

This is another comp which requires you to have a specific chosen. Best either Nidalee or Garen. You’ll have to try and get a 3 star Garen to take any and all damage since he will be your main tank. In the late game it is also best to exchange Nidalee with Azir since his damage output is much better than hers.

Your main carry here though is Katarina, while Xin Zhao and Jarvan IV can penetrate your opponents backline and stun them up. The warlord comp also works well if you add in Riven as another tank, since her and Jarvan have the keeper class which gives your team some extra shielding.

4 Ninja

Ninja Kennen TFT
Kennen will dish out just as much damage as he can take (Image credit: Riot Games)

Getting all four Ninja champions is key for this comp to work. Most of them can be picked up quite quickly, only Shen being a 4 star champion. It’s important to try and get Akali, Zed and Kennen to 3 stars so they can do as much damage as possible. Your main carrys are going to be Akali and Zed, while Kennen will be your frontline.

Equip Kennen with Guardian Angel and Morellonomicon and you’ll be all set. For a little bit of extra tank try and pick up three cultists so you’ll be able to get Galio helping out once your team falls behind.

So get scheming and enjoy the grind this season as well with the new TFT Fates Set.

Do you agree with us on our choices for best comps? Have we missed any? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook!

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