TFT Set 4: Fates - PBE, Cheat Sheet and More!

Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Fates
TFT Set 4 focuses on the champions. A whole new game awaits us! (Image credit: Riot Games)

In two weeks from now, TFT Set 4 Fates will be released. Tomorrow, September 2, the set will go live on the PBE server. We already have a cheat sheet and will tell you what else is worth knowing!

Right before the first TFT Worlds 2020, the Galaxies Championship, Riot Games unveil the theme and all new champions and traits for the upcoming Teamfight Tactics Set 4. Fates awaits us in the middle of the month and we can already look at the new combinations on the PBE from September 2.

With Teamfight Tactics Fates, Riot Games take us to a mysterious, otherworldly plane inhabited by divine beings, tormented villains, friendly spirits, and terrifying phantasms. Let's take a look at all the new content.

We have already introduced the set's new Chosen mechanic. If you missed the story of the overpowering champions, just have a look at our TFT Set 4 overview here.

Galaxies Are Gone!

TFT Set 4 of course has new Little Legends for us - the dragons are loose!
TFT Set 4 of course has new Little Legends for us - the dragons are loose! (Image credit: Riot Games)

Galaxies are soon gone! But don't worry - you won't miss them greatly, we are sure of that. Besides super cool and cute Little Legends in a dragonish look, the development team brings various new content that will completely change the gameplay!

Our LoL champions will get new origins and types. Here we have an overview of all new traits for you:


  • Cultist - 8 Champions
  • Divine - 6 Champions
  • Dusk - 5 Champions
  • Enlightened - 6 Champions
  • Elderwood - 7 Champions
  • Exile - 2 Champions
  • Fortune - 5 Champions
  • Moonlight - 4 Champions
  • Ninja - 4 Champions
  • Spirit - 4 Champions
  • Warlord 7 Champions
  • The Boss - 1 Champion: Sett
  • Tormented 1 Champion: Kayn


  • Adept - 3 Champions
  • Assasin - 5 Champions
  • Brawler - 7 Champions
  • Dazzler - 5 Champions
  • Duelist - 6 Champions
  • Hunter - 4 Champions
  • Keeper - 5 Champions
  • Mage - 7 Champions
  • Mystic - 4 Champions
  • Shade - 3 Champions
  • Sharpshooter - 5 Champions
  • Vanguard - 6 Champions
  • Emperor - 1 Champion: Azir

Some well-known traits like Brawler, Vanguard, and Mystic will remain with us. But there is a lot to explore and learn and as you can see, the selection is GIANT! TFT Set 4 Fates is by far the biggest set of Teamfight Tactics yet.

If you want a detailed overview of which champion has which origin, which type, and what kind of ability he has, just look here. Furthermore, several items will be changed, and new ones will be added - so it's worth taking a look.

TFT Set 4 Elderwood Ezreal
Ezreal will be one of the cost 5 champions in the new TFT Set 4 Fates. (Image credit: Riot Games)

All You Need Is a Cheat Sheet!

In order to keep track, or at least to try, you need a cheat sheet at the start of a new TFT season, that's for sure! To give you an overview of TFT Set 4 Fates, we have a classification of the champions with the respective origin for you:

The TFT Set 4 Cheat Sheet. All champions of Fates at a glance
TFT Set 4 Cheat Sheet. All champions of Fates at a glance. (Image credit: TFTTactics)

The new set with its Chosen mechanic looks incredibly promising and we will surely test it tomorrow at the PBE. Will you use the time until the release on September 16 to get used to the new champions, origins, and types? With the masses, it certainly won't hurt.

What do you think of TFT Set 4 so far? Do you miss Galaxies already, or can you hardly wait? Write us on Facebook or Twitter.

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