TFT Set 4: Fates Will Set Your Rank Back

Teamfight Tactics Set 4 Fates
Bronze, Plat and Diamond – once Set 4 hits none of it will have mattered (Image credit: Riot Games)

It was practically already confirmed, but Riot has finally officially announced that when the new TFT Fates hit on Patch 10.19, the ranking system will also get set back. Not only that, your MMR will also be reset to “zero”. Read to find out what that entails for you.

Patch 10.19’s Fates will literally turn the game on its head. A whole new Chosen mechanic will be implemented which will become the key to victory through the champion itself. Set 4 especially differentiates itself from previous sets which is why the developers have decided that not only will your rank be reset, but also your MMR.

LoL and TFT ranks
No matter which rank you're at – Set 4 is going to change everything (Image credit: Riot Games)

What Does MMR (Reset) Even Mean?

The Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is a hidden value that exists in practically any competitive game. It basically estimates the level at which someone plays. This score constantly gets updated through your live rating which is how someone might gain more LP after a winning streak, but also lose more after a losing streak. MMR reacts quickly to your current performance and lets you play against opponents of the same caliber.

That’s how, for example, after a 10-game win streak your account is still only ranked at Silver I, but your MMR could already be at Plat IV – if you keep winning against these Plat IV players you’ll gain a ton of LP (in LoL 35+ and in TFT you can even gain 100 LP for a second-place seeding). If after such a streak you do end up losing a match you might not even lose a lot of LP, sometimes even none.

TFT Jinx
Image Credit: Riot Games

What Does That Mean for Set 4?

If you decide to start your ranked climb right off the bat expect the unexpected. You might end up in a lobby with previous Bronze or even Challenger ranked players making it hard to estimate the strength of your lobby.

But don’t worry too much. After a few days on the patch everything will start to even out and you’ll be able to battle against those of the same caliber as you. After all this isn’t the first MMR reset which we have to go through.

So good luck, have fun and start the climb on one of the best sets TFT has yet to bring out!

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