The Best Heroes for Aghanim’s Labyrinth

Aghanims labyrinth
Image credit: Valve Corporation

The Dota 2 Summer Event for 2020 is live and already got its first update. Which heroes are the best to beat Aghanim’s Labyrinth? Come and find out.

Not an Easy Labyrinth

Aghanim’s Labyrinth dropped earlier this week and the majority of the community was excited about the new mode. It presented a four-player roguelike co-op dungeon crawler. As the dust settled in, people started to notice the resemblance between Siltbreaker and AL. Some of the bosses in the new event are old ones that we’ve already seen, but that’s not a problem.

The real issue with Aghanim’s Labyrinth is its difficulty (just like Siltbreaker). To make things worse, Valve pumped up the difficulty as the latest update to the Dota 2 client nerfed heroes and items in the summer event.

On the plus side, the labyrinth is much shorter than Siltbreaker. The hero pool for the new mode is rather limited, and we can definitely see some heroes are having a lot more success than others. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best heroes in AL.

Hero pool
All the currently available heroes in Aghanim's Labyrinth. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)


There’s no better choice for a tank in the summer event than Mars. The god of war will be able to take a lot of punishment before going down and you’ll definitely need someone to soak up the damage.

His ultimate can stop projectiles which can be rather useful in the fight against Aghanim.


The best part about Magnus is that he gives a lot of bonus damage to the team. With a talent that makes Empower an area of effect, things get even crazier.

He also has a Shockwave and does splash damage which makes him perfect for clearing huge waves of enemies.


The dwarven sniper shines in this mode, as his range allows him to inflict some massive damage. Some of his talents are also outright insane, like the 135% crit damage on every headshot.

His only weakness is mobility during the final boss. That’s easily solved with Hurricane Pike and BKB, though.

Winter Wyvern

WW is the perfect support hero. She heals, she deals AoE, she can save you from certain death, need we go more? Wyvern can basically turn into Sniper with her Q, so building her with purely damage in mind isn’t such a bad idea. Her ultimate can also be used to save teammates in some tough situations.

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