The best ways to level up your Battle Pass

Guilds made a return with the 2020 Battle Pass. (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

The 2020 Dota 2 Battle Pass is out and it offers plenty of rewards but you’ll need a lot of levels. Take a look at the best ways to level up this year.

The Dota 2 Battle Pass arrived a few weeks later than usual due to the coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have time to complete everything. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, due to the uncertainty surrounding The International 10, chances are this Battle Pass might be the longest one ever. With personas, arcanas, announcer packs, new terrain, and much much more on the line you’d want to start the level grind as early as possible. Every week counts! (unless you plan to just throw money at the screen)

What’s the maximum level you can get for free

The mathematicians on Reddit have already calculated the approximate number of levels you can get by simply grinding.

Dota 2 lina
Image credit: Valve Corporation
  • Cavern Crawl (both maps): 44 & ¼ levels
  • Completing all achievements: 58 levels if you gift three Battle Passes to friends / 42 levels if you don’t
  • If the total prize pool hits over $50,000,000 everyone will get 20 extra levels
  • Gauntlet: 7,5 levels with the initial tickets and more if you get lucky
  • Contracts: If you play with a friend and “trade” bounties you’ll be able to get 400 extra Battle Points per week
  • Tips: the results here can vary greatly as levels down the BP increase the amount tipped. If you play with a friend and exchange all tips every week you’ll be able to easily get more than 4 levels.
  • Guild challenges: Things get even wackier here as you’ll need to level up your guild and do every challenge, but you can milk around 40 levels if you’re lucky

Final result

You can get around 150 levels in even the worst-case scenario. That’s not counting wagering which can be a huge source if you win and or play with friends. This year is even better as there are even multipliers. The summer event will also no doubt contain some way of grinding Battle Points. As it becomes apparent by that result, if you want the personas and arcanas you'll most likely have to pay extra.

So what should you focus on?

For starters, make a guild or join an already existing one. Playing with friends will maximize your amount gained as you can easily exchange tips and bounties. Wager safely but make sure you use your coins every week. The daily community challenge can be easily figured out by using a site like Dotabuff or OpenDota. Simply enter the two lineups and check the result. This will guarantee you the extra points every time. As with wagering, make sure to waste all your weekly consumables like bounty tokens and tips so nothing goes to waste. If you haven’t started yet and you plan to buy a Battle Pass, just gift one to a friend and ask him to do the same. This will give each of you an extra 2 levels.

Level up, but most importantly have fun. Stay tuned for more Dota 2 news and make sure to check out EarlyGame for more content.