The Saudi Prince is once again on top of the Dota 2 Battle Pass

Saudi prince steffen fussel
Prince Salman. (Image credi: Steffen Füssel)

Prince Abdullah bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud who we only recently found out is a huge Dota 2 fan is once again the highest level Battle Pass owner.

Last time we checked in the prince wasn’t doing too well and there was a new challenger. The latter managed to usurp the first place by investing over $20,000 and getting a few thousand levels ahead. Sometime later things changed back to normal and the Saudi Prince is once again the highest level Dota 2 2020 Battle Pass owner. What happened to the usurper though? Was another member of the royal family trolling the prince? We also notice that Prince Salman's activity level remains intense but more on that later.

Stratz saudi prince
Image credit: Stratz

Is the prince good at Dota 2?

With a win rate of 51.44%, the prince is definitely winning more games than he’s losing. Is win rate a factor though? There are plenty of pro players with win rates just above 50% and some of them play for the best Dota 2 teams. Other who have a much higher success rate in pubs don’t find the same in the pro scene. The prince is currently sitting at the Legend IV rank which might not see much for a lot of players, but he’s still doing much better than the average Dota 2 fan. Being a Legend IV puts him in the 85.23 percentile, meaning the prince is among the top 15% players in Dota 2 pubs. Not a lot of political figures can brag with such an achievement.

The royal member’s favorite hero seems to be Crystal Maiden as he has over 1500 matches with her and a win rate of 53.6%. That’s some solid dedication. The thing is, the prince rarely plays alone or ranked as most of the time is spent in a party with friends. After all, that’s the right way to play Dota 2.

Prince salman
Prince Salman in 2016. (Image credit: Youtube - Europa Europa)

Did you know the prince is jailed?

Technically the Dota 2 prince and his father have been jailed since 2018 when tensions in the KSA started rising. What’s the reason though? Prince Abdullah bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is seen as a potential threat despite never having any particular interest in politics. Jailed is certainly a wide term here but Saudi Arabia has been under a lot of international pressure to release the jailed prince and his father. This explains his high Dota 2 activity. Besides playing Valve’s MOBA the prince is a known philanthropist who does a lot of charity work. Maybe we got too political this time.

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