Most Amazing Pentakills of LoL Worlds

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Image credit: Riot Games

There are few scenes in League of Legends that are as crazy as when a well-executed fight turns sees a player take LOL’s most prestigious achievement – the Pentakill. So, with the World Championship kicking into high gear, here is our list of the best Pentakills scored on the Worlds stage.

Every year, LoL Worlds brings many of the best teams and players together. Every victory is important and every achievement becomes that much more valuable. While scoring a Pentakill in a professional game is already a big achievement for any pro player, getting “the Penta” on the biggest stage in League of Legends esports is the kind of awesome feat most pros can only dream about. Here are the times a player didn’t just make that dream a reality, but did it in style.

3. The Imp-maculate Vayne Play

Samsung White vs Dark Passage, Worlds 2014

Samsung had already amassed a huge lead over Dark Passage 22 minutes in when Gu "imp" Seung-bin’s Vayne caught the enemy mid laner. The rest of the Turkish squad collapsed on him, but Cho "Mata" Se-hyeong’s Janna pushed them back and let Vayne do what every Vayne loves doing.

Four more kills later, Samsung were alone one the map and pushed towards the base when the surrender came.

2. Like Wolves to a Slaughter

Origen vs Flash Wolves, Worlds 2015

Origen were Europe’s dark horse at 2015 Worlds, but in the quarterfinals, they faced a Flash Wolves team that had decimated their group. The first game saw Origen trail their opponents when they committed to a Baron. FW collapsed and things were looking grim as Origen secured the baron but had to split up.

This is when Paul "sOAZ" Boyer stepped up and showed the Wolves just how big of a horror Darius can be when he is in the middle of the enemy team. It was close, but in the end, it was five more notches on the big axe and Origen were back in the game.

1. The Viper’s Bite

Griffin vs Invictus Gaming, Worlds 2019

Griffin’s first Worlds outing was going well until they ran into the former Worlds champion Invictus Gaming. Two games down, Griffin had only the slimmest of leads when they caught the enemy Vladimir off-guard – but IG hit back hard.

In the bloody fight, Park "Viper" Do-hyeon’s Xayah danced on the edge of death as she took down one foe after another, taking a quick Pentakill in a 4v5 fight.


Do you agree with our ranking? Are other pentakills that make up your Top 3, like Padden’s 4v5 Baron fight or Imp’s clean Twitch play against TSM?

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