Top 5 Best Overwatch Players of All Time

Zarya Best OWL Overwatch Players Of All Time
It’s time to flex! (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Overwatch is a complex, intense, and skill-demanding game. If you want to be good you need to practice a lot and dedicate yourself to mastering its craft. Today we show respect to some of the most legendary players in the game’s history and count down the 5 names that have become synonymous with the game's big-money esports scene.

Geguri Best Overwatch Players All Time
Geguri smiles for the camera (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Se-yeon "Geguri" Kim

We feel there’s no better player to kick off our list than the one and only Geguri. A truly unique figure in the Overwatch scene, she rose to fame when fellow Korean competitive players accused her of using an aimbot to play her trademark Zarya. She managed to prove she was not cheating and is just insanely good.

Another achievement of hers is the long run of her competing for the Shanghai Dragons. In Overwatch League’s inaugural season, they were nothing more than a joke of a team, losing every single one of the 40 matches they completed. Fast forward three years, and now they are currently the leader of the League and a favorite to win the championship title. That’s quite the change of pace!

Geguri is known as the best Zarya player in the world, one of the best Korean talents to ever grace the game, and yes, the only girl in the male-dominated world of competitive Overwatch. A true frog champ!

Ryujehong Best Overwatch Players All Time
“What up, I’ve got a deep hero pool” (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Jehong "ryujehong" Ryu

If you’ve ever heard anything about competitive Overwatch than you’ve surely heard of ryujehong. This guy is incredible. He has an insanely diverse hero pool and exceptional aim, making him one of the best support players in the biz, especially on Ana.

Ryujehong rose to fame after winning the first Overwatch World Cup for his country, South Korea. In OWL, he played his home team Seoul Dynasty before switching to the very successful Vancouver Titans.

A little known fact is that before becoming an Overwatch legend, ryujehong played Counter-Strike 1.6 competitively.

Dafran Best Overwatch Players All Time
For a while, Dafran looked happy to be on stage (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Daniel "dafran" Francesca

One of the most skilled players in Overwatch is also one of the most controversial ones. Dafran is known for three things - inhuman aim, amazing map awareness, and crazy controversies.

He began as one of the most-watched streamers known for his amazing gameplay and crazy bursts of rage, making him an outstanding entertainer. When the Atlanta Reign announced their debut for season 2, he was the big reveal in their roaster that got people excited.

Sadly, despite an amazing run as a player, dafran found himself in hot water after a few inappropriate tweets - something the OWL hates. He suffered from depression and went off on the game, making headlines every time.

Last time we saw him he was, no joke, a vegetable farmer! The Dane claims he’s done sitting in front of the computer and now spends his days outdoors, growing plants. How many pro players can say the same?

Dafran is a truly unique dude and no-one can deny him of that.

xQc Best Overwatch Players All Time
xQc having fun with his Dallas teammates (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Félix “xQc” Lengyel

If you like your pro players controversial, than xQc is your guy. This guy’s story is so fascinating that we wrote a 2-part “Life and Times” about him that you can read on EarlyGame.

The main takeaways are: 1) xQc is one of the most successful Overwatch players of all time with an unprecedented Twitch following; 2) xQc is insanely good on Winston, knowing when to attack and when to back out; and 3) xQc can’t hold his fiery temper to save his life!

This makes him one of the best, and also one of the most controversial figures in Overwatch - a recipe for fame and success!

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JjoNak Best Overwatch Players All Time
JjoNak, experiencing tranquility (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Sung-hyeon "JJoNak" Bang

Some players change their rankings, others switch teams, and others quit the game altogether. JjoNaK doesn’t. He is consistently dedicated to one goal, one team, and one hero. This is how he rolls.

JjoNaK is a massive star and the talk of the town ever since the OWL started. He is part of the New York Excelsior, one of the teams with the best performances during this season. What JjoNaK is exceptional at is his dedication to Zenyatta even to a fault. As far as off-supports go, there are just a few that can even begin to rival this Korean master. He is known for using the Omnic monk offensively - so much so, that at some point Blizzard nerfed his attacks just to stop people emulating JjoNaK’s playstyle.

JjoNaK was declared the MVP of OWL season 1 and it was well-deserved. His team might not be at the top of the game currently, but with a legacy like this, they will always remain an Overwatch elite.

In his personal life, JjoNaK is known to be quiet and focused - just like he is in-game!

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