Top Call of Duty: Modern Warfare weapons: Submachine guns

Call of Duty M Ps
SMGs are sandwiched between the long range prowess of assault rifles and the short range power of shotguns. (Image credit: Activision)

Last time, we set off to introduce you to the best of each Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone weapon class. Then, we started with assault rifles. Now, we continue with the SMGs.

The selection of sub-machine guns in Call of Duty is overwhelming. No one has the time to try them all out. That’s where we step in to separate the best from the rest. Here goes!

Submachine guns: the mid-range mobile deathbringer

Submachine guns are perfect for getting right into the action, run around and shoot at will. As a rule, they have high mobility and fire rate, and are ideal for fast run-and-gun gameplay at short to medium distances. Let’s rate the best of them!

3. AUG

The AUG is a bit of an outsider among the SMGs and is the link to the assault rifles. Depending on the attachments it can be played almost like one. It still only makes it to the bronze medal here.

Call of Duty AUG
The AUG is the odd gun in the SMG class. (Image credit: Activision)

The AUG offers high damage, good precision, and range, but has a very low fire rate for its class. This gun is not too viable in Modern Warfare, but is highly rated in the setup of Warzone. We recommend further developing the strengths of the AUG with:

  • Barrel: 622mm long barrel
  • Sight: G.I. Mini Red Dot
  • Shaft: FORGE TAC melee wedge
  • Ammunition: 5.56-NATO 30 rounds magazine
  • Handle: Patterned grip tape

These attachments maximize the range of the AUG so that it can be played at medium to long distances. Important is the 5.56-NATO ammunition, which significantly increases the damage. The G.I. Mini Red Point is particularly suitable as a sight, as it does not restrict the field of view at all.

If you like to play with SMGs, but still want to fight at longer distances, the AUG is your gun.

2. MP7

The MP7 is considered one of the best submachine guns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It is virtually the counterpart of the AUG and perfect for run-and-gun gameplay and fast-paced close-quarter combat.

Call of Duty MP7
The MP7 is perfect for running around like a headless chicken. (Image credit: Activision)

The MP7 is only unlocked at level 54, but offers a very high rate of fire coupled with low recoil. Its downside is the low damage and limited range. In close combat, however, it is one of the best weapons in the game. That's why the attachments should be focused on making the gameplay even faster:

  • Run: FSS Reconnaissance
  • Shaft: FORGE TAC Stalker
  • Underrun: Command Front Grip
  • Handle: Granulated handle tape
  • Extra: Fragile - Inhibitions / dexterity

All of these attachments improve the running speed when aiming or the time needed to aim. As this weapon is only played at short distances, we do not use a sight. About the extras: dexterity improves reloading speed, fragile - keeps hit opponents from sprinting.

With these attachments, the MP7 is an absolute monster in melee combat and is (maybe) only outmatched by shotguns.

1. MP5

The MP5 takes the cake for submachine guns. It is undisputedly one of the best weapons in Call of Duty and, similar to the M4A1, was long considered OP.

Call of Duty MP5
The MP5 is the king of Call of Duty SMGs. (Image credit: Activision)

The MP5 is unlocked at level 12 - so you have early access to it. Its good balance of damage, fire rate, precision, and range makes it unmatched in its class. Depending on the attachments, it can be played at short or medium distances, but it can keep up with some assault rifles even at long range. We recommend to not press your luck and focus on closer distances with your attachments:

  • Muzzle: Muzzle brake
  • Sight: G.I. Mini Red Dot
  • Shaft: FORGE TAC ultralight
  • Underrun: Command Front Grip
  • Ammunition: 10mm 30 rounds car magazine

These take care of precision and range. The sight allows accurate aiming at longer distances and the 10mm 30 shot auto magazine gives the MP5 a significant damage boost, taking the gun’s capabilities even higher... All in all, the MP5 is the perfect mix of range, fire rate, and damage and is also very easy to control due to its low recoil. This makes it an easy choice for number 1.

The next chapter of this series will take a closer look at the SMGs’ close combat rivals – shotguns. Are you an SMG or a shotie person yourself? Why so? Do you use any of the two with your Warzone loadouts? Give us your insight!