Valorant 1.07: The Top 5 Agents in the Latest Patch

Valorant team
Image credit: Riot Games

The latest Valorant patch 1.07 brought some changes to the agents. In addition to the nerf parade, some unpleasant agents were buffed, including Breach and Viper again. Which agents are currently the strongest looking at their overall win rate? Check out our list with the top 5 Valorant agents in patch 1.07!

The 5 Strongest Agents in Patch 1.07

5. Omen (Win Rate 50.7%)

Image credit: Riot Games

Since the release of Valorant, Omen has been one of the most popular characters. His versatile kit makes him a strong agent both on the defensive and on the offensive. His ultimate ability makes him an unpredictable opponent and you should always keep an eye on his back. With patch 1.07 he was temporarily removed due to two bugs, but he didn't get any changes beyond that. The Sage and Killjoy nerfs might have pushed him further up the rankings. With a strong pick rate of 42.6% he wins 50.7% of his games.


4. Cypher (Win Rate: 51%)

Valorant cypher
Image credit: Riot Games

Cypher consistently enjoys a very high pick rate and can be just the right agent in most situations. If you use your skills correctly, you have a lot of information about enemy positions and can exclude certain map areas and get the edge over your foes. Like Omen, the defensive character didn't get any changes with patch 1.07, but he does benefit from the Sage and Killjoy nerfs. With a solid pick rate of 25.4% he wins 51% of his games.

3. Brimstone (Win Rate: 51.3%)

Image credit: Riot Games

With Brimstone you have the option to make certain choke points difficult to overcome like no other agent. He can lay the most smokes of all agents at the same time and thus seal off a spot. Since patch 1.04, however, he has lost some of the popularity after the ultimate cost was increased from 6 to 7 points. In addition to that, his playmaking abilities are limited due to his solid but not very spectacular kit. Nevertheless, Brimstone is a real powerhouse and with a win rate of 51.3% he ranks third in our list.

2. Viper (Win Rate: 52.8%)

Valorant Viper
Image credit: Riot

Viper was long considered the sad duckling of the Valorant agents. She had neither a solid pick rate nor a convincing win rate. Since patch 1.04 this changed. Without exception, each of her abilities received strong buffs thanks to Riot, making her much more dangerous than before. With patch 1.07 she was buffed yet again. Since her skills are still rather confusing for new players, her popularity isn't that high. When played correctly, however, she can become a decisive factor. With a win rate of 52,8% she rightfully earns a second place.

1. Breach (Win Rate: 53.2%)

Breach valorant
Image credit: Riot

Admit it, you certainly "didn't expect" this first place. As far as Breach is concerned, the community has always been divided. Half of them would label him as a gamechanger but some players might not even know him. One reason for this is that his skills need a more experienced hand to be used properly. With Patch 1.07 Riot again buffed up the agent to boost his popularity. The results are questionable. With a pick rate of 9%, he is by far the least popular character and is probably only played by the Breach mains at the moment. This might explain his current win rate of 53.2%.

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