Valorant Act 3 New Agent Revealed

Valorant new agent act3
First Look at the New Act 3 Agent (Image Credit: Riot Games)

We are gearing up for Act 3 of Valorant and a new agent has been teased by Riot Games. We take a look at everything that is currently known about agent green!

Riot Games recently spoiled the road map for Act 3 on Twitter with the most exciting news being the new map Icebox and the new agent. Not much is known about the new agent only that they are survival-themed and have an animal companion. They wear camo-green attire, have red hair and green flames are emanating from their fists. Currently, their name is unknown!

The last sneak peek we got was of the new green agent’s animal companion which looks like a wolf or maybe an oversized fox. Perhaps the agent will be a hunter or tracker that uses animals to gain intel on the battlefield.

New agent wolf
Is this an ability, ultimate or just concept art? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

We get some serious druid vibes from this new agent as they are clearly in-tune with nature and its animals. How this will translate into in-game mechanics is something we will just have to wait and see. It is likely this agent is released on October 27 along with the updates to competitive matchmaking already covered here: Valorant’s Act III Competitive Ranking Changes

There are a few other rumors swirling around the Twitter-verse but they have not been confirmed by the Valorant devs. It has been suggested that the new agent has a four-letter name, is female, and also has a 'bird ability' that is some kind of flash. Finally, many believe that she will be a Sentinal, and maybe even another healer. This was data mined from the upcoming battle pass so we will have to wait and see if this claim has any validity.

So, dust off your winter clothes because we'll see you in Icebox! Act 3 is sure to start off with a chilly bang!

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