Valorant as a Big Competitor? Why CS:GO Could Benefit From Riot's FPS

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Lack of innovations: Valorant could put Valve under pressure! (Image credit: Valve Corporation)

With Riot's new title Valorant, the first-person shooter scene got some momentum. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive got a worthy competitor for the first time – and could benefit from it.

Counter-Strike is probably the most famous first-person shooter of all time. The original Half-Life mode has been delighting millions of people since its release and the current Global Offensive edition is as popular as ever. CS:GO has been dominating the FPS scene for years without ever getting any competition.

League of Legends has Dota 2, FIFA has PES, and the Battle Royale market is also fiercely competitive with games like Fortnite, Apex Legends and PUBG. CS:GO, on the other hand, has been the top dog for years. Without any real competition, Valve sat back without having to worry about the game and its future. This, however, has done the game anything but good.

CS:GO's monopoly position in the field of first-person shooters led to a strong stagnation of the game. Fundamental problems are not tackled and months or even years pass with little to no innovative changes.

In many circles, there is displeasure that CS:GO has been left behind – loosely based on the motto: "You're playing it anyway". Now, there could be some momentum in the game.

Valorant as a New Incentive

While many people foretold the end of CS:GO, it should be clear by now that the FPS giant will not be buried in the foreseeable future. Where some people are worried about the new competition, many would rather be thankful! With Valorant as a competitor, Valve could finally feel some pressure and take better care of their shooter.

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Player numbers of CS:GO in the last few months. (Image credit:

The player numbers of CS:GO speak volumes. Even if one cannot call it a slump, the numbers have been on the decline since the release of the Valorant Beta in April and the final release in June. Figures that should also give Valve food for thought.

Last but not least, there is also a large mass of CS:GO pro players who have already switched to Riot's game. Among them are players like Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom, Spencer "Hiko" Martin and Joshua "steel" Nissan.

What Makes Valorant Better?

A question that is often difficult to answer. However, it is possible to identify a few points that Valorant makes better from an objective point of view. On the technical side alone, Riot's FPS seems to be the much more mature game, sporting 128 tick servers, a dedicated anti-cheat system and a much fresher engine. Those who have played both games know for a fact that Valorant delivers a better gaming experience on the technical level.

Another point is the variety. Of course, you have to be fair here and say that an FPS title based on realism cannot have as much room for maneuvering as a game with wider boundaries. On the other hand, Valve should not be too afraid to scare away the fanbase with concrete changes. There is plenty of potential that should finally be used.

What Must Valve Do?

This question can be answered in a very absurd manner: Anything! The long-lasting lull of new game content deters many players and invites them to try out other games on the market. Things like the Source 2 engine have been a topic for years. Cobblestone has been waiting for a remake for over a year and a half now and is still not playable in matchmaking.

Valve must try to keep their fanbase on board more than ever. A new operation, a new weapon or even the return of Cobblestone could be the balm for the maltreated CS:GO souls. If they let the game wait any longer on the sidelines, the loss of players could continue. Even if something has already happened since the release, they definitely need to do something about it. CS players should therefore be grateful for Valorant. With the competition in the rearview mirror, the game could finally get back into Valve's focus!

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