Valorant Episode 1: Ignition Battle Pass

Valorant Episode 1 Ignition
Valorant starts with Episode 1 Ignition and a corresponding Battle Pass. (Image credit: Valorant via Twitter)

Yesterday was Riot Games' tactical shooter Valorant's official release. Episode 1 is called Ignition and comes with a Battle Pass. But what's in it?

Finally, everyone can try Valorant - even those who couldn't get a beta key. As of today, Valorant is officially launched and offers a new hero, a new game mode, and a Battle Pass with plenty of unlockable, cosmetic items.

How do you get the Battle Pass?

Battle Passes are almost the norm these days. Fortnite, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six wins, or Dota 2. All of these titles offer a Battle Pass with various unlockable items. Since Valorant is free2play, the Battle Pass is the main source of income for Riot's new title, along with other purchasable skins. With 1000 Valorant Points or the equivalent of €10 you unlock the premium Battle Pass, but there is also a free version that offers more humble rewards.

What's in it?

The full Battle Pass offers 50 levels and unlocks a weapon skin, a spray, a player card, a weapon pendant, or radianite points on each level. The free version unlocks only one or two rewards every five levels. A total of 130 Radianite Points can be collected, which can be used to upgrade weapon skins. It's important to note that Valorant Points cannot be earned!

Valorant Kindom weapons skin
The Kingdom weapon skin set is rather plain, but still better than the standard one. (Source: Valorant via Twitter)

Over the course of 50 levels, 12 weapon skins can be unlocked, divided into three different sets: the Kingdom Set, the Couture Set, and the Dot Exe Set. The Kingdom Set skins are spread over all 50 levels, the Couture Set is unlocked from level 15-20 and the Dot Exe Set from Level 30-40.

Valorant Dot Exe weapon skin
The Dot Exe gun skin is very reminiscent of Tron. (Image credit: Valorant via Twitter)

Much like in the other games we mentioned, all rewards will have no effect on the game and are purely cosmetic. So, if you're a fan of fancy skins and like to customize your weapons, you will find everything your heart desires in the Ignition Battle Pass. All other news about Valorant can be found as always on EarlyGame.