Valorant vs Overwatch: The amazing similarities in skills

Valorant vs overwatch klein
Valorant and Overwatch have a lot in common. (Image credit: Riot Games/Blizzard Entertainment)

The Valorant closed beta is in full swing and inspires players and viewers alike on Twitch. Again and again, the new competitive tactical shooter from Riot Games is said to have parallels to CS:GO and Overwatch. Valorant has a lot in common with Overwatch, especially when it comes to the abilities of the agents and heroes.

Valorant plays much like CS:GO with a pinch of hero shooter in the style of Overwatch. In our first impression with the Valorant closed beta we noticed that the comparison to Counter-Strike is not without reason but regarding the abilities some amazing similarities to the Blizzard shooter become obvious too.

Valorant vs. Overwatch: The Skills

The YouTube channel "GameV" shows the parallels in a successful comparison video between Valorant and Overwatch. In fact, Valorant agents and Overwatch heroes have a lot in common.

Sova vs. Hanzo

Sova and Hanzo are the two archers and both have a tracking arrow and an ultimate that shoots through walls. Hanzo's dragon strike, when used, becomes a deadly danger to the enemy team, destroying everything in its path. Sova's ultimate ability, on the other hand, requires much more precision, but he has three shots instead of one.

Sova vs hanzo
Tracking arrows and ultimates connect the two archers. (Image credit: Youtube - GameV)

Jett vs. Zenyatta

Jett's ultimate Blade Storm works much like Zenyatta's Spheres - although the throwing knives do much more damage. The Overwatch hero can heal teammates, while Jett's other skills give her mobility.

Jett vs zenyatta
Jett and Zenyatta work similarly. (Image credit: Youtube - GameV)

Sage vs. Mei

Sage and Mei can both fall back on an Ice Wall that blocks movement and obstructs vision. Both ladies are also able to ice the ground and freeze opponents. Sage's wall created by the Barrier Orb lasts slightly longer than Mei's counterpart and can take more damage before it is destroyed.

Mei's Ice Wall is much higher and cannot be climbed by jumping over crates in the vicinity. On the other hand, Mei's Blizzard freezes enemies completely, while Sage's Slow-Orb slows down her and her teammates as well.

Sage vs mei
Sage and Mei are both frosty. (Image credit: Youtube - GameV)

Omen vs. Reaper

There is a lot connecting the two dark characters. Both have a teleport skill, the execution of which even takes a similar amount of time.

Omen vs reaper
Omen and Reaper can both teleport. (Image credit: Youtube - GameV)

That is not all though. Sage and Mercy are both capable of reanimating fallen comrades. Soldier 76 and Phoenix also share similarities, but the Biotic Field of the Overwatch soldier heals the entire team, while Phoenix's Skill Hot Hands heals only himself, while also dealing damage to enemies.

There are some parallels or at least overlaps between Valorant and Overwatch but also enough to distinguish the two shooters from each other. The time-to-kill (TTK) is much lower in the Riot shooter and it also has an in-game economy system. Players can buy weapons, armor, and skills much like in CS:GO.

We have already presented more differences in our big Valorant comparison to Overwatch and CS:GO. Our new video shows the strongest Valorant agent Ultimates in action. In case you still don't have a beta key, Valorant closed beta drops are now available on all streams.

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