An Exploit on Split Makes Valorant Unplayable

An Exploit on Split Makes Valorant Unplayable
Of course it's a wall bang exploit. | © Riot Games

There's a new exploit in Valorant, and it'd be best to avoid ranked matchmaking on Split for the time being. Here are all the details.

Valorant isn't a brand-new game anymore, but there are still plenty of bugs to go around. It seems that with each new patch, old glitches open up and Riot have to patch them up again. Perhaps such is the case with the latest exploit on Split, which was revealed by u/pepesilva98 on Reddit.

Split Exploit Makes Valorant Unplayable

There are small bugs that you won't even notice, and there are big, glaring glitches that make the game borderline unplayable. This one is somewhere in the middle, as it doesn't affect everyone at all times, but it's still a major concern, especially in ranked matchmaking. Without further ado, here's the bug in question:

I discovered a crazy new 1 way wall bang on spilt. from VALORANT

The poster was killed by an enemy, Reyna, while she was on the other side of the map. Things get worse when you realize that this wall bang goes only one way. You can try replicating the bug for yourself, as it's not that hard. All you need will be a friend to lobby with.

Whether this glitch was a secret among some members of the community is unclear, but it can totally break the game. It's certainly not the first time Valorant players encounter a similar bug, as there was one on Ascent over a year ago. Right now, the community is asking for Riot to either disable Split as a whole, or hotfix it asap. Valorant's Episode 3 Act 1 started on June 22 and patch 3.00 did a harsh reset of the ranks. This led to one-third of players ending up in the Silver leagues.

As you can probably guess, a lot of players are trying to rank up at the moment, and this exploit is making it a bit harder. There's usually more than one solution to a problem. You can avoid ranked as a whole and wait for Riot to fix it, or take the more opportunistic approach to gain some MMR. We're not saying you should do it, but the choice is yours.

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